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with fronds like these, who needs anemones?
Kailyn Wilcher. She lives at home with her mom who does everything for her, she's never had to work, she doesn't have to take care of her kid. In the summer, she gets to lounge in the pool literally all day. Then she can make basic content for youtube or tiktok and pretend that she is still 17, while getting 'paid' for it. She's too stupid to understand how pathetic her life is and how much she is missing out on.

Rupert Bear

At this point there's only so much you CAN turn around and I guess I didn't consider there's still Barb to deal with.

Granted she's kind of stupid so a person of average intelligence (which I hope I am at least) should be able to talk her out of her dumb ideas
In chris' place, you'd honestly have to kill her. I'm surprised Chris hasn't yet.


Not my fault
Most deathfats live a pretty comfy style, since obviously they got so fucking fat for a reason.

Jack Scalfani gets to play pretend for a living and his wife does all the work, albiet hes half a function human.
Boogie is another one, I dont think he has ever worked a full day in his life.

The others like Hamber, Chantal and Amy just grift so they can eat shit and get fat. Its a pretty comfy lifestyle, but its a horrible way to go.


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I would also pick naomi wu, get paid to wear weird cyberpunk bimbo attire and dick around with tech with arguable levels of competence.

Papa Pinochet

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Mumkey Jones 2017-End of 2018; Sure the youtube channel getting taken down was likely inevitable, but my Nigga would still be living the American (Neet) dream, Mommy GF and all if only he didn't cheat on Sheepover with a literal Furry Pedophile.


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2000 chris chan
presuming i would not have his autism i would work out extensively and fufill his love quest myself.
i'd also work with his father before he died on woodworking.


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I would want Eugenia Cooney's life. She is so blatantly ill but there are tons of ass patters who will continue to inflate her ego and fuel her eating disorder. Plus she's got the money and a nice home. (her mom won't be alive forever)

richard thpencer who is a trust fund boy who gets to be racist for a living

any number of twitch personalities who get money for doing nothing

Amberlynn Reid

Come one, just eating, playing videogames, fucking and leeching off internet pay pigs. Except for super morbid obesity and everything that comes along with it.

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i will become back my money
Dream's got it pretty good. A massive YouTube career with an absurd level of income, and a following of die-hard fans. You play your cards right, you'd never have to work a day in your life again.

Only real downside is the fact that your fans want to rape you and/or turn you into furniture, but that's something that you can deal with by keeping a low profile.


Just the body? Any young cow with a permanent tugboat, like Chris has. Find a low rent apartment and just work out, read, cook and improve your skills every day with no chance of going homeless or hungry because a government check is sure to come. And whenever you do need something a tad more expensive, you can still make a couple of hundreds a month on the side without losing any of the tugboat, but only if you feel like it - now that's a wonderful life.

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