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In addition to their outlandish beliefs, unhealthy obsessions and general sperging, a-lot of Lol/ Horrorcows have some disgusting habits and have talked about/ have at one pointed acted on some actions that are out right disgusting and morally reprehensible. Out of all the Lol/ horrorcows out there, which one's actions make your skin crawl the most? In my opinion, it's a tossup between Nick Bate and Tommy Tooter.

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Those scammers during DSP's escort saga. I can't pronounce their last names for the life of me. No one wants to see a woman cramming a kid's wiffle ball bat into their vagina on the internet. If seeing a kid get destroyed is disgusting to you, Uppercase Woman/Cecily Kellog is a good example
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PL 001

I usually don't browse that many lolcows here but from what I've seen I'd have to say it's Jonathan Yaniv.
I mean, just look at him and tell me you don't find him an eyesore. (Not to mention his weird obsession with feminine hygiene products and periods.)
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Well, now I know what a child of Chris Chan and Jacob Sockness would look like.

Some things Man was not meant to know...
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