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Chantal "Foodie Beautie" Sarault.

Watching her slow death due to mukbang videos made me go back to the gym so my life doesn't end up like her wretched existence of shoveling food into her mouth till she dies from a heart attack.

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Jonathan Yaniv, Nick Bate, Paul "Stefonknee" Wolscht, Casey Patrick Courtright aka Locria Nyla, Alison Rapp, James Terry Mitchell, Trisha Paytas, Nikocado Avocado, Jake Alley, ADF, Bill Schmalfeldt, Todd Nickerson, Amy Ramadan, Kelly Lanza, Chantal Sarault, Richard "Terra" Jones, Kylie Brooks. There are more disgusting mentions I can't seem to think of but all of these cows share TMI about every small detail and take the saying "Where no shit is too minor" too seriously.


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Laureliar Bailey and that whole crew of friends. They all cover up each other's creepy shit and blame any controversy on kiwifarms as they pick new targets (and try to collect people in their Discord server, if that's still going on). They use and reuse the 'kiwifarms just hates minorities' argument so that the people they target aren't likely to ever look at their threads and see the evidence against them. Laur seems to target people who already have a bad reputation or otherwise feel in need of 'protection' online, and then starts isolating them further to drive that rhetoric in. It's nasty.


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Nick Bate for... You know what. Although, the fact that he used THIS as a proof of not being a pedo kinda makes me laugh. Nervously.

Chris for all sorts of stuff: Fanta, photos in diapers, UN-CLIT, UN-CLIT 2.0: I'm cutting that thing out, that video where he dances like Buffalo Bill at Patty's grave, THOSE FUCKING VIDEOS TO IVY ARE CREEPY AS HELL, the video where he shows how he would've performed oral on Jackie, everything between him and Barb.

Zoosadists, but not as much for what they've done as for how they reacted to it. I mean, torturing animals and molesting children is despicable enough, but this fucking "woof, I just raped my dog with a dildo :)"... This just makes my blood boil. Not only they don't get that this is wrong, they treat it like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Chantal for all her stories about shit and sex, like if she wasn't disgusting enough already.

Steven Ashanti, because he managed to make his appearance not as disgusting as his attitude, despite being morbidly obese with elephant feet full of fungus.

Chance Carmichael. As with previous one, the fact that he was 600 lb wasn't as disgusting as his behavior, including coming here and talking about fucking his own fatpad.

Jim Sterling. This is 36 year old man, who acts like he's spent most of those years in a constant state of sexual frustration, which lead to him becoming absolute degenerate. I mean, he even posted photo of himself with a cum on his glasses on Twitter, made a video where he plays with dragon dildo and sucked dickshaped bat. And now for surprise of absolutely no one he is taking estrogen.

Jonathan Yaniv for the reasons already mentioned. He was hideous enough, but in a drag he is even worse.

Kevin Gibes, even though I know almost nothing about him, beside his love for dilation. Probably, for good.

Ethan Ralph for one video, you probably have never seen and it's good for you. It's not Bate's tape, but disgusting enough.

Late edit: Justin RPG. The stuff he came up with is so disgusting, that I can't even laugh at the crude photoshopped images he made.
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