Most egotistical lolcows -


The furry shemale with the Star Fox avatars
Like what the title suggests, who are the most narcissistic lolcows you've ever seen?
For me, it would have to be a toss up between DSP, Egoraptor, Tom Preston, and John K. Though if Chris was still his classic striped shirt form, and didn't trade in half of his egotism with paranoia, I would have also included him.

Vlinny Chan

This Halloween, I'm going as a massive faggot.
Fucking all of them have massive egos so this is kind of a trick question. You don't become a lolcow if you do any self reflection or you're capable of empathic response (or you're just fucking stupid), but I digress...

Jim Sterling by far, followed by the furry community as a whole.