Most egotistical lolcows -


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Here are my top 5 in no particular order:

Chris believes he’s a goddess who controls an entire dimension and has superpowers.

Moviebob believes he’s a cultural elite instead of a basement dweller who makes movie reviews. He honestly believed that if Trump wasn’t elected then Hillary Clinton would’ve made the world like Star Trek where he would be conversing with highly intelligent robots on space ships as though he’s that important. Not to add, he thought his autobiography was important in a Mario book he wrote.

Sargon of Akkad simply because he thought he could lead a successful political party and influence the president of the United States.

Derek Savage (Cool Cat Creator) believes he’s a top tier movie director who made a very well known children’s icon and currently believes that he could get the biggest independent creator on YouTube to support his movie only because they made fun of it in one video.

Doug Walker because he thought that making movie reviews would get him to Hollywood to be the next Steven Spielberg. He also made very pretentious movies that wanked off his own ego, and his Internet reviews have gotten more pretentious while he himself believes he’s unique for being a contrarian.

Perverted Cat
Samina Ambreen, due to her believing she was somehow braver than service members because she's a "Nazi hunter" . That alone made her egotistical in my book.

AZ 594

Tie for Sargon and Brianna Wu, for believing being hot shit on their obscure corners internet makes you qualified for office and not learning a damn thing when their run fell flat on their face.
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Muncie Anderson

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In his heyday, Nickolaus Pacione could be pretty damn insufferable, since he deluded himself into believing that he had genuinely accomplished things in the publishing industry that literally no one in the history of mankind had ever done before, and that he wasn't some filthy welfare collecting basement dweller who spent literally every waking moment playing on the computer and writing incomprehensible "horror" stories.
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I actually found this thread by searching, and there's one Youtuber who I can't remember the name of. He wasn't a big cow, he wasn't big on YouTube, but he must have thought he was the second coming of Christ or something, because everything about him was his way or the highway. He could do no wrong, and he was always right. I really wish I could remember his name, but if someone mentions it, I'll remember. It's been driving me crazy all day.

P.S. Sorry for the edit, but I've just been reminded of this cunt.
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If we observe the dictionary distinction between "egotistical" (having an overly high opinion of himself; peak Dunning-Kruger) and "egoistic" (care only for his own welfare; treat other people like NPCs). Then the most egotistical cow that I follow would be Rhys McKinnon, although DSP is infamous in that regard at all.
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Looney Troons

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Tie between Jonathan Yaniv and Greer in my opinion (at time of writing)

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Momokun/Mariah Mallad in my book. There’s so many reasons that one could list, but if you look at the overly photoshopped softcore photos she sends to her paypigs and contrast that with how grotesquely she is IRL...


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Momokun/Mariah Mallad in my book. There’s so many reasons that one could list, but if you look at the overly photoshopped softcore photos she sends to her paypigs and contrast that with how grotesquely she is IRL...
she has a little self awareness that she's fat because she's getting more plastic surgery at least. mine has to be russel greer or wu since wu thinks they seriously pass as being born female, and then greer is a mega sex pest

Steve Bannon. He is a megalomaniac with an unbelievable inflated ego. There was a time where I thought that this dude seriously could mess up the European Union but even European right-wing partys realized that he is a fucking exceptional individual.

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