Most evil video game villains -

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Also, Dr. Caulder from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (also known as Dr. Stolos or Dr. Bereth - the names of demons from Ars Goetia)

Was a war criminal who performed human experimentation and biological weapons testing on subjects. He created several clone children, and forced some of his children to fly an aircraft on a suicide mission to kill his enemies. Also murdered his clone "son" with poison after he learned he had betrayed him. Very sadistic fellow.

I think he was inspired by Joseph Mengele (Nazi war criminal who did cloning experiments) and Shiro Ishii (Japanese war criminal from WWII who ran Unit 731 and performed biological weapons testing on subjects).
I'm honestly impressed, if for the fact that there's not very many Nazi inspired villains, than outright Nazis in general.

Let's raise up that ante for a villain that @SSF2T Old User would be further impressed by.

Introducing Dr. Edward Bilstein of Star Gladiator.


For such a somewhat obscured character from an experimental fighting game of Capcom's you'd think Bilstein is but another Darth Vader wannabee.


Before Lucas Baker, before Brian Irons, before William Birkin, before Albert Wesker became the memetic cold god that Resident Evil fans worshipped the ground he walked on, before Dr. Weil, before Seth, there was Dr. Edward Bilstein. This motherfucker was the mutant bastard spawn of M.Bison/Vega/Dictator, Gill, Grandmaster Meio, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Khan, Ming the Merciless, Joseph Mengele, Heinrich Himmler, and Hitler combined. And from 1996 no less.

Edward comes from a typical American household.... a household of Nazi Germany refugees by which he's the 13th generation of by the year 2318. His great ancestor, Victor Bilstein, originally was a Nazi scientist who experimented on concentration camp internees for the Wunderwaft and Die Glocke superweapons programs of the Nazis, and his research was on correlating paranormal powers of the mind to the fantastical miracles and powers that are spoken of in human history and myth. By the time the Allies came in however, he was too late to finish his last experiment that would prove his results, and was forced to find refuge with the German American Bund communities in the States. When WWII was won by the Allies, he committed suicide, leaving behind his family of his wife and his offspring.

By the 24th Century, Edward was in college. A typical science nerd, Ed however held a streak of sociopathy that no one caught onto when everyone's backs was turned, enjoying cruel manipulation and sadistic streaks to break people psychologically and physically if he felt like it. When he came home from college on break, he killed the family dog out back just because he got tired of the barking. We all know where this is going.

That time he came home was spring cleaning day, and his father tasked him with clearing out and organizing the attic. Checking out the old heirlooms and antiques of the Bilstein family, Ed eventually came across Victor's belongings, and sifted through them, until coming across an old series of documents. Ed was going to trash them, but suddenly, Victor's genetic memory echoed through his head, beckoning him to read it. Going further into insanity, and realizing that the document was about Victor's experiments, Edward went back to college immediately to finish what his ancestor started. Ed by this time was only seen in class and the university lab, he missed out on LAN parties, football games, frathouse parties, hooking up with the girls, and alienated all of his friends, some of whom caught Ed's experiments at the lab and never came back.

Ed then introduced his results and plans to the dean of the college, and he then got funding for his projects. For the next few decades, Bilstein got the chance to live it on easy street and carry out his research in laboratories all over the world. and eventually got the Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery of Plasma Power, which was a huge leap in thermodynamics and physiology that showcased the existence of the sixth sense of the mind and could manipulate the fourth form of matter. It wasn't with much fanfare upon trying to apply it in the Earth Federation Forces because it would require more training and money to realize, but the Federation used it as a superweapon to get other planets to comply with their demands.

That's until the feds did something useful for once, and arrested him for numerous human rights violations he racked up over the years. Turns out he only realized Plasma Power by experimenting on countless people kidnapped and abducted by him, and it's been stated that the experiments tend to involve cutting open and surgically altering your brain while still awake. He was sent to prison and sentenced to life without parole, until he was able to snake about the orbital prison he was on and got enough resources to build himself a cyborg suit, activate Plasma Power in some of the worthy inmates, and rally the prison population to overwhelm the staff, before taking over the nearby planet Zeta, and established the Fourth Empire to take over the universe with. Yes, that name is intended to be that based.

Of course, this doesn't include some of the other things he had done to the rest of the cast, including:

Making his less than willing employees perform and participate in his experiments, and would at times hold physical screening test days to see if his employees had sufficient Plasma Power levels to experiment on themselves

Forcibly comply by torture or silence by death or extreme force those employees who would not continue his depraved experiments

Was said to have created a personality erasing brainwashing method for the justice systems of Earth, that was openly protested against by activist groups; Hayato, the main character, was said to have been given special preparation sessions outside of his court sessions when falsely accused of killing a cop as a child

His last victim, Micheal Lin Milliam, a Second Cultural Revolution refugee and employed scientist at Bilstein's labs, was put in a genetic splicing machine, turned into a dinosaur man, and was still considered an employee when Bilstein got out, and when his death hit his family, his wife killed herself in grief and left their daughter to grow up in London of all places

Took to murdering a boy's parents by his own hands because said boy had Plasma Power levels greater than average, and then brainwashed him to become a manchurian agent spree killer to kill anyone who had Plasma Power on Earth if Bilstein went to prison or worse

Took in a mentally retarded but skilled Plasma Magic user and allowed him to turn himself into a monster

Planned with a co-conspirator to send a high Plasma Power matador to prison and forced him to work for him by surgically implanting a bomb in him, and made him commit countless crimes against humanity

Manipulated a bird warrior alien man of his hatred for mankind to work for him

Enslaved an entire population of a colonized planet and designates all of them for selection for his incessant experiments

Plans on creating a New Human Race and seeks to establish that by blowing up the Earth

Where did I get this? Apparently there's a section on the old Capcom website from the 1990s that has an extensive in depth trove of information regarding Star Gladiator. I'd want this series to get more popular because Star Wars is out of the picture, but knowing SJWs, they wouldn't know true scum of the earth if they tried.

Dr. Edward Bilstein, everyone. He didn't get his degree in evil to be simply called Edward Bilstein.

Also, @StraightShooter2, it appears you don't call anything anime styled in video games anime by itself as a style. Do you come from that same age, like me, from the 1990s and 2000s, when anime was getting big out here, and formats like video games, comics, and animation had no boundary under its name? Or are you that turnt from such a phrase like the rest of the world, as the times moved on into today?
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Atlas from Bioshock. The other villains of the franchise commit their atrocities because of ideology, insanity, or desperation. But Atlas is driven by the fact that he simply can do his vile deeds. From manipulating the poor of Rapture into his personal army, to converting young girls into Little Sisters, to
turning Jack into a programmable human designed solely to kill his own father
. Atlas never stated a goal he had in mind. He wanted to get back to the surface, but what then?

He'd come up looking like a 'roided Superman and would constantly need more ADAM. He would probably sell off the inventions of Rapture as his own, especially ADAM. With him having the only access to Rapture, he'd be the only supplier of ADAM to feed what would be the world's addicts. And to stay ahead of all the other ADAM users, he'd have to take in more of it himself. So in the end, he would probably become a living god; have power to do anything to anyone.

But this godhood would not be the intended result, it would be inevitable because Atlas would be the only person who could claim that title and as stated before, he did what he did in Rapture all because he could do so. Another criticism of objectivism, as Atlas is pursuing activities solely for the benefit of his own happiness.

Though if you'd ask Atlas if godhood was his ultimate goal, he'd just shrug.

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Deathshead from Wolfenstein: The New Order. Not only was he instrumental in creating the various weapons and technology the Nazis utilized to turn World War II around, he also indulged in sick, twisted experiments for the purpose of creating biomechanical monstrosities. The scene where he straps your teammate to a torture bed and sucks his brain out while said teammate is still alive is stomach-churning, both because of what happens and the fact that he takes pleasure in doing it because it will further his research. Genuinely one of the scariest, most evil bastards in gaming.

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The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment
Pragmatic one and the one from Ignus' memory are proper monsters all right.
Dick wasn't evil, just incompetent. He was obviously a Dan Quayle stand-in. Frank Horrigan, on the other hand...
...and Frank was just an idiot spewing Enclave propaganda.
The Master from the Fallout series
Not really evil, more like misguided. He did what he thought to be the best chance at mankind's survival. Plus he was insane from absorbing multiple creatures' and possibly people's minds and lacked vital information about flaws in his plan.

I'll add fat and rape-y
Forrest Kaysen:
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Its obviously Tom Nook, maaaaan. Landlords always trying to get us down. :(

On a serious note, the Joker in the Batman Arkham games is the first most evil bastard from what I can think of (kills hundreds of people in an asylum takeover so he could get a superdrug that turned people into crazed monsters & put it in the gotham water supply to make the entire city filled with roided up monsters and death in the first game) but it feels like cheating.


Not really evil, more like misguided. He did what he thought to be the best chance at mankind's survival. Plus he was insane from absorbing multiple creatures' and possibly people's minds and lacked vital information about flaws in his plan.
Dr. Richard Grey (that last name is kind of a hint really) is a complex character and is incredibly well-done (especially compared to FO2 and FO3's antagonists). Harold does some exposition on him (Harold's another great character). Grey/The Master is arrogant and amoral because he's a fairly brilliant scientist who has, as you have mentioned, absorbed a number of other people some of whom are also very likely of questionable moral fiber into his consciousness and intelligence.

That said, he's NOT stupid and he really and truly believes his plan is the best way forward... until you show him the holotape of data that proves Super Mutants are a complete dead end (and pass a Speech check to get past his claim that you have fabricated the evidence). At that point he realizes he's crossed a moral event horizon somewhere and as crestfallen as he is about his plan and experiments being utterly fruitless, he shows... regret and a certain degree of contrition. He was ready to do the unspeakable to preserve humanity in a way, he wanted a way forward for everyone, and... it was for nothing.

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Paris St Germain- Football Manager franchise
You're managing a middling team in any european league and you've come across a youngster who has great potential, either from a low league or your academy. You bring him in and you have a great season, the kid is a revelation. The future's bright for you. Maybe you'll get Europe next season

Until, you start seeing reports that PSG's scouts have started attending your games to watch him. At first he's flattered. Then he's interested in the move. Then their squad are publically telling him to move. Then he's desperate to move.
He comes to you privately and asks you to let him go. You try to resist, but he gets pissed off and his morale nosedives. Your lockerroom declines and the club's performances decline. You cant afford the wages itd take to keep him on board (and he'd be asking for more next year). Maybe you agree to a release clause
Eventually, you relent or they hit the clause and he gets his move, and you're left back with a weak club and a poor club morale
PSG doesn't care. Their maw engulfs all talent across europe and you are unable to resist

Fucking bastards

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That said, he's NOT stupid and he really and truly believes his plan is the best way forward... until you show him the holotape of data that proves Super Mutants are a complete dead end (and pass a Speech check to get past his claim that you have fabricated the evidence). At that point he realizes he's crossed a moral event horizon somewhere and as crestfallen as he is about his plan and experiments being utterly fruitless, he shows... regret and a certain degree of contrition. He was ready to do the unspeakable to preserve humanity in a way, he wanted a way forward for everyone, and... it was for nothing.
His idea for Unity was rather off. If I had this kind of plan I would do several things very differently.
1. Experiment with the virus. Wastelander + dipping = strong, longeve, stupid. Why not pack the wastelander with RadAway before dipping? Or mentats? Why not try injection? Or make the virus airborne?
2. Don't place a crooked, power-hungry gangster as the face and spiritual leader of your movement.
3. When you infiltrated settlements with your religious movement - try to get people used to the sight of a supermutant, some may see the advantage of being one, especially if the process is refined and doesnt turn them into drooling idiots.
4. If mutants are sterile - trying to figure out mixed society while working on the problem is a better idea than blowing one's brain.

The plan looks like he came up with it, spent no time refining it and then followed it dogmatically without any room for improving it or adapting it to circumstances.


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Mother Brain killing the baby Metroid (hope I didn't spoil a 30 y/o game) was the first time a video game made me want to defeat a villain not just to beat the game, but out of a sense of justice. The fact that you get superpowers immediately after that have you absolutely humbling MB is such gratifying story design.


Ashnard. this guy is pretty much armstrong from metal gear rasing but in fire emblem form. remember dragons? one of THE most powerful beings in the fire emblem series? this motherfucker rides one into battle!! pure chad energy!


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Forget about Metal Gear Solid, but I recall that Col. Volgin was pretty evil (he was fond of torturing and raping both men and women).

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For that matter, Ocelot tortures a lot of people as well.
Huey has a lower bodycount (or rather lower intentional bodycount) but he legitimately the most despicable person in the franchise. Even Skull Face whose a real piece of work himself is disgusted by him


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I'm surprised no one's mentioned Kefka.

EDIT: He was. My bad.
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned Kefka.
He's mentioned on the first page.

People already mentioned SHODAN, though I don't think she engaged in evil for evil's sake. It was more like she felt she was beyond human morality because she was a goddess, and considering that she created a species so deadly that it nearly assimilated all organic life on Earth she was very good at playing God until her own creation tried to bite her in the ass.

Seath the Scaleless from Dark Souls is pretty evil, too. He had a terrible inferiority complex for not having the scales that makes Dragons immortal, so he played a key role in the annihilation of his own race. Then spent his free time engaging in horrific experiments on humans in order to obtain eternal life like turning young maidens into disgusting tentacle monsters.