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I can only take so much information about the likes of JY and Susan Schofield before it starts becoming a major bummer, if I were to look for a lolcow who's just plain entertaining (not horrifying like those two or overtly political) who would you guys recommend? So many of the threads here are hella long but undoubtedly full of good stuff and I wanna know which ones would be worth sinking the time into even if they're a few hundred pages long.


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I recommend Melinda and Marshall:

Also several threads here about them because she files dumb suits and the judge throws them out of court with great dignity:

A Null stream on them with video of Marshall losing his shit:

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Bob McKim can be pretty entertaining.

I always shill for the Len Shaner thread, but that's because it was the first one I read all the way through. The original thread has over 900 pages, though, so it was kind of a chore.

I tend to avoid Animal Control, but Graeme Kelly's thread is mildly amusing. And it's pretty short at the moment.

EDIT: Here is the second Shaner thread. More concise, and links to the relevant/amusing parts of the original thread. But the failed sockpuppetry isn't included much, so I still prefer the original one.
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Choose a furry that isn't something outright horrifying like a zoo or pedo and guaranteed laughs. The fandom is known for drama for a reason.

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Can def vouch for Graeme Kelly and Foobie Beauty. Chantal is the definition of never ending insanity.

Marissa Davis' thread in the Tumblr sub-forum is pretty fucking funny, especially when Marissa herself joins not too far in. A lot of her victims have visited that thread and utterly ripped down her constant lies. It's repetitive af now since all she does is whine and beg for cash, but the first 100 pages or so are definitely worth jumping into.

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bro, searching that is like searching a fucking unicorn, I have failed to find any.
It's a bit of a needle in a haystack situation right now, yeah. I'm not 100 percent SOLID on Zaush being a full-on pedo (90 percent or so possibility though given what he's drawn and such) but he's just so up his own arse that it's possible to laugh at him for everything and anything but his predilection for tender flesh.

There are others I keep track of that aren't really exceptional for any sort of zoo/pedoshit, but they're not super-active.


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I'm partial to Momokun & Rhys, myself. The big updates always feel like getting new comic books in the mail.

With these two there are usually no truly horrible travesties going down, just an ever expanding catalog of lolwut

Susan Schofield is worth a read, if only because of how it all came to a head and the role of the Farms in cataloging her behavior.
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For me, Jake Alley, aka Violet Hargrave. He expresses the same obnoxious views and demands as the rest of the Rat King, but with the twist that he himself is the ultimate stereotypical incel neckbeard (literally). He claims to be a beautiful trans woman whose life is constantly under threat from Nazis and rapists, but is a bald, bearded, sweatpants-wearing unemployed 37-year-old man living in his mother’s attic.

What makes him extra-funny is that he’s just so bad at lying. He’s both incredibly arrogant and unbelievably clueless about the world, so his lies just wind up being hilarious (for instance, he thinks female hormones will cause your arms to shrink).

He ought to be obnoxious on the level of someone like Zinnia, but he’s just so bad at everything that you can only laugh.