Most intelligent lolcow? -

Many of the skitzocows profiled on this forum have/had very high general intelligence. Terry Davis, Dr. Horton, etc
Some of the politicows/careercows also fall into this category, such as Dr. Pierce (judging by his high-powered pre-wignat career in physics), Nick the Knife (many of you may disagree with me on this, but I think he actually does demonstrate a very high verbal IQ even if he is a bit impulsive. Almost certainly Aspergian), and Frank Wu. Fong-Jones is likely in this category as well.
Akiva-Cohen might also be in the "high-verbal savant" category (as do many other Chosenites), as he has experienced a bit of success in his verbal-IQ-intensive career, and likely had very good LSAT scores if he really did go to Columbia Law School. I say "savant" because people like Cohen (and possibly Fuentes) demonstrate questionable judgement/impulse control at times, and likely have overall functional deficits (which may or may not be fully reflected in an IQ test), but have a very strong ability in a certain cognitive domain.
Define "questionable" ...and show me a single human being who doesn't have questionable judgment or impulse control. It's a fucking zoo / jungle out there. The smarter and more successful they are the more debased, usually, as a general rule of thumb. But the average lottery winner is just as debased, and most idiots who stumble on a hundred dollar bill will blow it up their nose or find a hooker (or two, if they possess "high-verbal IQ"). Your literary flourish just sounds like a lot of sour grapes, really, about thinking you're smart and being out-maneuvered by people you acknowledge are smart too, but you don't think they're really as good as you because they're "damaged". I believe if you were successful, everyone would probably see how damaged you were. Anyway your post reads just as autistic as anything more sucksessful people have written.
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