Most shameful game purchase -


Whole squad full of fucking killers
I bought the game Dark for $7.
I think I paid around the same ballpark figure for that on steam.....

What about a pre-emptive bad buy? I might buy Unearthed-tales of ibn bututa on steam even though I know it's going to be abject trash.
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some trash multigame thing on steam called ES Games made by a guy who became some jesus freak out of nowhere

started off free and gave you achievements just for opening it, then added two new ones and made it paid, spent £0.79 to 100% again (:autism:). never bothering with cheapo achievements again because of that.
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I bought Surgeon Simulator. It was not as fun as PewDiePie made it out to be. Very mediocre, don't buy it.
I had fun with it and beat it like 3 times (each time you beat the game you unlock a new mode) . granted it was the Anniversary edition and it was only 7 bucks
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