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Geoff Thew is a milquetoast anime YouTuber who's best known for making Crunchyroll promotional videos with a bonus anime analysis pinned at the very end and completely ravaging the jimmies of his beloved anime watching audience. His videos are so bland and uninteresting (beyond the ones where he's making a complete ass of himself) that what really makes Geoff Thew worth paying attention to is his inability to handle criticism, his comically SJW-tier opinions, and his unhealthy obsession with American politics despite being a Canadian.

For a while, Geoff was actually considered a welcome edition to the slowly growing 2015 YouTube landscape of autistic anime analyzing, finding himself a niche in picking over minute details in anime openings (glorified music videos) and assigning "meaning" to everything from camera angles to a toenail clipping scene. Along with currently working for Serious Game Ponderer Matthew Patrick of the prestigious "The Game Theorists" channel, Geoff has also previously been employed by Channel Awesome on their now disbanded Blistered Thumbs.
Geoff is so infamous for shilling Crunchyroll (and their projects) that it's treated like a meme at this point, with Crunchyroll tweeting specifically at Geoff.

Crunchyroll also points out something pretty interesting about Geoff's channel. If you go to his upload tab and check on his video's listed from most to least popular, you'll notice that the first three video's on the list are about Sword Art Online (paired with the fourth being a video talking about a Brazilian YouTuber who ripped off Geoff's content for money, the fifth about the meme potato chip scene from death note, and the sixth being yet another SAO video).
Geoff has also received flack about his lackluster analysis of the David Cage game Detroit: Become Human, using the game's questions about what it means to be human and what exactly that is to draw the brilliant comparison to the autonomous un-emotional robots to the "minority" population of America and uses it to exert his liberal "Fuck Drumpf" viewpoint on the voting populace of a country he doesn't even live in.

However, if you take a look at his twitter, you'll find that this isn't surprising in the least. His twitter feed consists of your typical anti-Trump rhetoric, and Geoff perfectly encompasses the smug superiority of a millennial liberal almost artistically in tweet form.

This tweet, interestingly enough was in response to one of his fans stating they will be unfollowing because Geoff is an anime YouTuber and not a political commentator, to which he replies that this is not politics, this is science.

Note that the Twitter thread started with this.

Geoff also likes to call himself the Anime Pope.
anime pope.png

I can't really argue with this, considering that he's good friends with Digibro (another anime YouTuber with his own thread), an admitted lolicon and gore-fetishist whom he worked on a podcast with briefly.
geoff pedo.png

However, the latest edition in the Geoff Thew Twitter Shitstorm is in reaction to the new anime airing called Goblin Slayer, a dark fantasy that is known for it's grotesque portrayal of rape. However, despite Geoff Thew being the supposed anime Pope who is completely fine with loli bait, he didn't take too kindly to a realistic take on sexual assault.
geoff slayer.png

With this tweet, Geoff ultimately was able to piss off the majority of his audience while simultaneously praising Berserk as a masterpiece of dark fiction despite it having more rape than Goblin Slayer, and in all sorts of contexts including drug-induced orgies and demon horses making sexual advances to virgin paladin's who get wet by burning people. That isn't edgy in the slightest.
In fact, when resident anime YouTuber TheAnimeMan made his own response to the controversy by stating that it is a work of fiction that handles any dark subject matter it has with respect and the only reason everybody is scrambling to talk about it now is because it's the hot topic of the week, to which Geoff states he's "disappointed".

In addition to all of this, another point of contention for Geoff Thew is his girlfriend, Tenleid.

Tenleid is a Patreon thot who is very obviously using Geoff's massive fanbase to boost her Patreon numbers, in which she has multiple patreon tiers going all the way up to $100 for a "personalized" nude photo-shoot, but you can get standard nudes for as little as $40.
tenlied nude tier.png

tenleid earnings.png

This would usually be pretty funny and embarrassing, if it weren't for the fact that Geoff is perfectly okay with it, if not openly encouraging it.
mother's cuck basement.png

In smaller news, Geoff committed the ultimate sin of pissing off the JoJo fanbase of all thing, and that's created a hell-storm of it's own in combination with the Goblin Slayer event.

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This is pretty weak tbh. The girlfriend angle could be funny but other than that he's an anime youtuber with left/sjw politics. A few things like the anime pope thing I think is just him being self depreciating or joking, considering the fact he calls himself a professional shitbag in his video sign-offs. Might be blinded a bit because I used to watch him a while back because I liked his rants.

Also he's completely right in Goblin Slayer being edgy. In the first episode you have a guy butchered, that girl given mercy after begging for death, the rape, those little goblins getting child murdered. It's completely trying to be edgy opening up with that even if it's setting the tone. It's just faggots like to focus on the rape cuz rape is bad, and since he's a lefty I wouldn't be surprised if he's referencing that, but the tweets make it look like he's got an issue with how it was executed.

All in all he's exactly as you described; milquetoast. Most of this shit is pretty normal for the community he's a part of, the only funny thing I can see is the fact his girlfriend might be cucking him with his own fans that she's trying to make into her own personal paypigs.

he's good friends with Digibro
Digibro has actualy said that he hates him because of what a lazy shill he is.
I can't remember the series or episode, but in one of the "Digibros" let's plays he did with his brother he mentioned an encounter with Mother's Basement at a convention; MB said to him that it was funny that people thought that Digibro was serious about hating him, to which Digibro replied that he does unironically hate him because of his shitty content.

I also remember Digibro saying that he doesn't have much interaction with him since he (MB) stopped guesting on Digibro's podcast.

I haven't been keeping up with Digibro much, so these things could have changed.
he's completely right in Goblin Slayer being edgy

The issue is that he doesn't give Berserk the same criticism (probably because it's already established as a classic and he knows the shit he would get for complaining about it).
From what I've seen GS does look like edgy bullshit (which is how I feel about Berserk, too tbh) but this cuck is only whining about it to feel self-righteous.
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The issue is that he doesn't give Berserk the same criticism (probably because it's already established as a classic and he knows the shit he would get for complaining about it).
From what I've seen GS does look like edgy bullshit (which is how I feel about Berserk, too tbh) but this cuck is only whining about it to feel self-righteous.
I'm not going to get into an anime debate but I will say Berserk didn't open up with rape. I think the difference is Berserk was already established as a dark fantasy before the weird rape. GS opened with it as a way to establish it's tone.

the autist of dojima

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I'm not going to get into an anime debate but I will say Berserk didn't open up with rape. I think the difference is Berserk was already established as a dark fantasy before the weird rape. GS opened with it as a way to establish it's tone.
>berserk didnt start with rape
>forgetting about guts getting fucked by his adoptive dad before killing him and being born from a corpse


Gotta go fast
I'm not going to get into an anime debate but I will say Berserk didn't open up with rape. I think the difference is Berserk was already established as a dark fantasy before the weird rape. GS opened with it as a way to establish it's tone.
Doesn't it start with Guts fucking a woman who then turns out to be a demon woman, and then Guts rams his canon hand down her throat and blasts his load


You're a faggot Harry
Man you forgot a lot of stuff like his shilling for crunchyroll hardcore that he tried to say "pirating anime is unforgivable," yet the old anime reviews he used to review he watched on pirated websites because they were not available on all main anime websites for some he reviewed.

He did a whole shitstorm over some gambling anime saying "the anime was bad because the gambling wasn't good," and when he admitted he only watched 6 episodes of this series before making that judgement.

He backtracked saying the charcaters were good from the first video to justify saying the anime was bad as a whole to cover his ass.
He wanted to do what all ranters to do by claiming something sucks to get massive views and to shill more sequels off of.
He jumped on to SAO bandwagon digi started for this very reason.

He often brings his left wing politics on his channel that he made an entire video even stating it and explaining some bullshit that had fuck all to do with anime.

If you look back far enough you will find he is a classic sjw.
He doesn't actually care about anything he says if you really look into it.
His ideals change for every controversial topic to whoever the left tends to fall into.

He just wants money and to inserts his ideals whenever he is able to.
Which you can see by how he chimps out when someone disagrees with him leading him to ethier double down or delete fucking everything.

He isn't as funny as digibro, he is just another leftist shill jumping towards whoever has the bigger billfold.

He is so shameless that he will sell his girlfriend's naked images for a quick buck from creepy weridos he know will pay and his girl goes along with ir because it is highly suspected he is also into being cucked by even his own fanbase.

He isn't funny more of stereotypical sjw shill that wants the moral high ground to gain more viewers to gain money out of.

I know all of this because I followed his chimps out every once in a while on twitter.

Geff is basically the anime version of Matpat from Game Theory. Not in the sense that he makes theory videos but in just the way they and their content are.

-Most content is incredibly lazy, unoriginal and easily proven wrong
-Sellout extraordinaire, sometimes dedicating good part of his video just to crunchyrolls
-Dismisses all criticism via sarcastic self depreciation (call himself the worst channel, etc) / passive jab at fandoms
-Exploits youtube and drama for maximum views possible, even changes his thumbnails/titles to trick people into thinking it's a new video.
-Says what he does is okay because "everyone does it" but his clickbait and shilling is a lot more extreme and mean spirited than other channels ("X is garbage fuck you fight me!", etc)
-Unironical massive ego, 100% believes everything he says

This reached an almost poetical point where Matpat himself actually hired him as one of his writers.


Geff was a nobody until he made dozens of videos bashing Sword Art Online and suddendly he gained a huge following who takes what he says seriously. He is just some random asshole who got lucky.

I dont like him at all. Even ignoring his awful content, his attittude is the epitome everything wrong with anime reviewers. A cynical loser with no real talent who bashes/praises popular cartoons on a surface level for 10 minutes and whose fans only watch to validate their own opinions.

Despite everything i still wouldn't call him a lolcow because he is simply not the kind of guy who would rather quit in silent than get outraged. When he is losing he runs away like a coward. One of my favourite examples of him being retarded and running away was when he tried to act high and might about Smash Bros rules and got rekt by the one of the best smash players.


His mentality is literally retarded. Tournaments have money involved, so they also need rules to ensure a fair fight happens. Items and stages are pure RNG so having them decide a fight is absurd. It's like watching a Judo champingship except guns are popping out of thing air there is a tornado appearing every 45 seconds.

Gef was, OF COURSE, proven wrong fast but he still double down on being wrong.


You would think he is trolling but he keeps replying to everyone and doubling down.


As someone who watched his gaming videos and thought they were godawful (even by his standards) i have to question this. What kind of school did he go to have this mentality? Extra credits school?

It was so retarded that even one of the best smash melee players had to come and shut him down so hard that Geoff finally gives up in silence.


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