Mother's Basement / Geoff Thew - Professional Shillbag, eCuckold, Brian Griffin of Anitube and Occasional Homosexual, “Did I mention I have an e-prostitute wife.”


My wife’s boyfriend is my son
No, he's full on fedora tipping reddit. The kind that thinks "IF GOD REAL WHY BAD THING HAPPEN" is a silver bullet takedown proving their views.
I wasn’t necessarily asking about his current faith. I was referring more to whether or not he had a catholic upbringing


I haven't paid too much attention, but how long has Mat Pat been outsourcing game theory scripts to him? Also it's funny that now that he was under his previous goal to pay his editor, now he has a statement about how he's self sufficient that casually drops at the end he doesn't know wtf he's doing. Nice flexing, goeff. He tries to disguise it with a rant about community- a work schedule of watching anime all day and wanking off has infantilized his mind to the point where he can't speak without using autistically referencing anime troupes.

Forever Sunrise

Avatar? I don't need no stinkin' avatar.

I’m not exactly sure what brought this up, but Geoff continues to be politically unpolitical.
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Even Tenlied jumped into this one
I thought according to r/atheism where he's from they talk about how Christians are anti science? Every single pro abortion argument is either "it's inconvenient and I don't want to think about what really happens" or some smokescreen. Literally every single non boomer-politician pro lifer agrees that life begins at CONCEPTION.

X-Shaped Weeaboo

Not another anime avatar!
I’m not exactly sure what brought this up, but Geoff continues to be politically unpolitical.
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Even Tenlied jumped into this one
This line of logic confuses me. "Insult this person instead of giving them honest feedback."

Listen, I don't really have an opinion on abortion one way or another but the dude is right; Pro-Abortion people are absolutely putting up a smoke-screen about why women get abortions. Sure some women are raped and such yadda yadda, but with the amount of reckless and thoughtless fucking happening in society you're going to tell me even half of those abortions are all circumstantially tragic?

No, humans are creatures susceptible to excess and over-indulgence; most women are totally getting abortions because they're irresponsibly fucking and to some people that's just asinine.

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