Mother's Basement / Geoff Thew - Professional Shillbag, eCuckold, Brian Griffin of Anitube and Occasional Homosexual, “Did I mention I have an e-prostitute wife.”

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Doctor Placebo

Bloody, bloody 2020.


I want my cringe New Years Announcement, dammit.
Why does she use two asterisks for emphasis on words like *so* in that Tweet? It reads to me more like sarcasm. Kind of like scare quotes or something. "I had *so* much *fun* streaming myself putting together a plastic model for all you lonely incels. *Really.*"
Maybe she does a lot of discording or any other number of places where * puts your words into italics. Looks dumb outside of that perspective, but some people won't care.

I guarantee you this character was called Strawberry Lemonade until she promised to change it if someone (slugbox?) stopped laughing at her.


Oh this is too good not to share.

So I looked up 'Pink Yellow Moth' as she seemed to have an RL picture of a moth there, and that piqued my interest. The one I found was the Rosy-Maple moth, which matches the yellow-pink colour combos Ichigo is using.


So i was going to come back here and dunk on her missing two perfectly good plant to name her OC after.

But as I was typing in 'Strawberry Lemonade", google autocomplete informed me that there was a moth called the Strawberry Crown Moth, and gave these images.


So is it just something that has two names?

Nope, those are all Rosy Maple Moths. Apparently there was a twitter hashtag about it looking like a 'strawberry-banana milkshake', which might have helped in the association. (She probably ad-libbed Lemonade, because if you say your moth girl is named Banana you'll rile up the futa crowd.)

THIS is the Strawberry Crown Moth. This yellowjacket-looking motherfucker.


And it's a pest that kills strawberry plants!

Ohhhh my god, my sides have hit orbit.

Regarding Geoff, At least we can he's now progressed from Mother's Basement to Moth, her basement.



crunchy triangle
More Tenleid/vtube bullshit. Decided to watch a few minutes of her "debut" and besides being late due to technical problems nothing of note has happened. She's basically doing the most generic "This is who i am" thing. all vtubers do, but in the most boring way possible. She's also using her normal voice which, in my opinion, clashes so much against the design of the character she's using.

If anyone else wants to suffer through it, here's the link to the stream.

IMO there's nothing wrong with women having deeper voices within reason, not every girl needs to sound like a squeak toy and fake loli voices are often worse than a real one, but holy shit I can't get over how much Yazy sounds like an actual tranny. And it really is such a stark contrast to her "gyaru prostitute kawaii moth uwu" vtuber persona.


Anime is the next stage of evoltin. now yuo see...
True & Honest Fan
V-tubers make cute vidoes I wont lie but the only reason they are well liked is because of coomers. Mothers basement isnt making a video on V-tubers because he likes them but because he is a shameless trend chaser. If the hot thing right now in anime was cutting your arm off then he would be the first to make a video essay on why its so epic.

The more I think about her being a Vtuber, the more I wonder if she's gonna try using a Voice Changer because my god she sounds like what you'd imagine a stereotypical meth addict whore would sound like and I just can't imagine that kind of voice will work for any Vtuber audience.
I 100% actually thought she was a troon until nudes started leaking.

Why do all weeaboos have the most disappointing and depressingly elementary understanding of Japanese? Like, I’ve met weebs that actually went out and learned the moon runes, yet you can’t whip out Google Translate to attempt to avoid a name you heard in an Anime?
Here, let’s go with a line. The kanji for moth is 蛾 (Ga). If the design is based on Gyaru culture, why didn’t she name it... Gyaruga? Or Gagyaru? (蛾がゃろ?) Literally anything besides fucking strawberry.
hate to be that guy but "ろ" is pronounced "ro", which means that "蛾がゃろ" is pronounced Gagyaro, not Gagyaru.
understandable mix up given that ru (る) and ro (ろ) look so similar.
go ahead give me the autistic reaction i deserve it.
if i made a mistake feel free to correct. my japanese is exceedingly elementary and shit.

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