Mount & Blade : Bannerlord - Tis' almost harvesting season!


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IT'S HAPPENING! According to this article (archive) Bannerlord will release into early-access tonight (or tomorrow depending on where you live). Holy shit I'm not sure if I actually believe it. I'm definitely staying up and downloading this the minute that it comes out. Sadly I have to work tomorrow (and all week for that matter :(). Oh well, never been this hyped about a game's release before. This is exciting.

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Have you ever taken so long to release your game that, when you finally unlock it for purchase, the largest digital storefront in the world buckles under the tide of screaming berserkers all trying to squeeze in and grab a copy for themselves, and also they storm your own website and tear it to pieces as well, as all life in the known universe is assailed by their combined warcry of "BANNERLORD NOW"? Great job, Taleworlds. Great job.

...I say, before their own website finally works and I get my key there. They even give you a Steam key! Sure, they didn't accept my Warband key for the 5 dollars off, but at least Viking Conquest got through to them instead. After so long, it's finally time, oh my god.
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It's almost a blessing that I don't have my new PC built just yet, because I'd be tearing my hair out with everyone else trying to get a copy right now. It will be a hell of a way to inaugurate the new rig.