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For anyone slightly interested in the history of the Mexican Drug War, Narcos Mexico is a must watch. Set in the 80s during the time when the drug cartels in Mexico were rarely known to the American public. The series chronicles the events of the kidnapping and death of DEA agent Kiki Cameron and the rise of Miguel Angel Felix as he establishes one of Mexico's first major drug cartel, the Guadalajara Cartel.

The show has a lot of great supporting characters portrayed by actors such as Aaron Staton (Mad Men), Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach from Watchmen) and Matt Letscher (The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow), all the actors are people you're going to recognize for any film enthusiasts and the show's subtle use of certain drug lords and eventual future drug kingpins spanning from all Narcos show is going to please certain original Narcos watchers. You won't be disappointed if you're into crime drama.

King Kobra

I've rewatched William Friedkin's "Sorcerer" last night: Top notch BD restoration and the movie is a masterclass of tension and an actors tour-de-force

No CG or some weird bullshit, just an insane drive to make a movie (still nothing compared to Herzog's Fitzcarraldo but still.......)
Too bad Star Wars coming out around the same time crippled the movie to the point of bombing :heart-empty:

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If you can handle Silent Cinema, I totally recommend The Passion of Joan of Arc. The reviews for this are not exaggerated, it's fucking beautiful.

Also if you want any recommendation for a film or show, just ask. I'm more of a TV and Film guy than anything (although I love video games)

Samuel Belmont

It's like one of my Japanese animes.
People more than likely suggest their favorite films so Yojimbo and Sanjuro by Akira Kurosawa. Fantastic chambara/samurai drama films. I also like the Zatoichi, The Blind Swordsmen.
For some other martial arts/fantasy films..The Five Deadly Venoms is pretty good, as well as Master of the Flying Guillotine(One Armed Boxer).

Zatoichi is like..26-28 I'll narrow it down. Zatoichi and the Chest of Gold, Zatoichi in Desperation, Zatoichi vs the Chess Master, Zatoichi vs Yojimbo are my favorites..but you might want to watch the first one to see what his whole deal is.
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TIRED: Lethal Weapon is the best Christmas Movie

Even more TIRED: Die Hard is the best Christmas Movie

WIRED: This is one of the best movies that takes place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and is definitely on my holiday get-together film roster.


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I started watching Ozark on Netflix yesterday. It is so gloriously fucked up that I wondered why I waited so long to start it. An hour ago, I started season two. I am hooked.

Another Netflix series I managed to enjoy binge watching was Devilman Crybaby. Softcore sex and hardcore violence. How can anyone not love that in anime?

On a completely different note, a few months ago I binge watched the first few seasons of Def Comedy Jam before they got removed from Amazon Prime. The newer seasons just are not as great.

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Hey all, since everybody else has posted most of the movies I like, let me list my favorite foreign/older/cult/hidden gems. Most of them are war/history movies, so I'll set them in a different category. I'll vouch for all of these, promise not to waste your time:

The Mission - Jeremy Irons/deNiro
The Andromeda Strain (original)
Swing Kids (outstanding big band swing)
Meet the Feebles - Peter Jackson film
Once Upon a Time in America - deNiro, Woods, must get full-length version
Four Friends - by Arthur Penn, hard to find but well worth it.
The Imitation Game - awesome
True Romance - Find director's cut!
Miller's Crossing - Coen bros. best
And the Band Played On - early days of AIDS
BARCELONA!! - Whit Stillman's best
Payback - excellent neo noir
The Losers - guilty pleasure, with best movie villain ever (Jason Patric)
The Descendents
McHale's Navy (modern) guilty pleasure, actually quite funny
Four Winds in Havana - 4 90 min "episodes." Phenomenal, Spanish
Juan of the Dead - zombies in Cuba, subtitled, but finest dark humor
Dick - "cutesy" Watergate, family friendly
Hotel Rwanda
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy - still funny
Swimming to Cambodia - Spalding Gray one man play
The Killing Fields
Midnight Express
Gods and Monsters
Dr. Strangelove

Joyeux Noel - story of 1914 x-mas truce
Downfall - German, subtitles
Prisoners of the Sun - Crowe/Bryan Brown
Gallipoli - Peter Weir film, super young Mel Gibson
Birdy - Alan Parker w/ Matthew Modine
Stalingrad - Wolgang Peterson
Das Boot - W. Peterson also, must get *full* 6 hour version
Generation Kill - HBO series, 7 eps.
City of Life and Death - modern, though in B&W, about rape of Nanking
Murphy's War - Peter O'Toole's greatest performance, as a WWII Ahab.
The Lighthorsemen - Aussie flick, superb
9th Company - Soviet Afghan war. Brutal.
The Pacific - HBO series better than BoB
When Trumpets Fade - not technically as good as "Ryan" this one actually has a plot
A Bright Shining Lie - Vietnam in 2 hours
Land and freedom - Spanish Civil War from a foreign volunteer's eyes
Che Part One - del Toro
Fidel - Showtime movie
Tigerland - Colin Farrel 1st movie
Children of Huang Szi - Chow Yun Fat, Radha Mitchell
Europa, Europa - fantastic, German/sub
Tae Guk Gi - Korean, makes "Ryan" look weak
Welcome to Sarajevo/Savior/Shot through the heart - Yugo civil war, all excellent
Breaker Morant - best courtroom drama ever
Paths of Glory - early Kubrick gem

TV series:
Dave Allen at large - BBC 70's, hysterical
Paul Hogan Show (before Croc Dundee)
Newsradio - still kicks ass
Duckman - what Simpsons wishes they were
Justified - best TV show of new millenium


it just goes on and on and on and on...
Just saw “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and it’s good. It goes into how Freddie went up and down, and off the rails. It focuses more on the band than how he died.

It kind of brought “The King’s Speech” to mind for me as a biopic, but with a better soundtrack. If you liked that one, you’ll probably like this movie.


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Arrested Development. 2003, on Netflix. it's a more continuous story with great writing and loads of plot stuff, and it's a more toned down and more cohesive story than Always Sunny.
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Two British shows:

Black Books.


Black Books I recommend more than Spaced, but Spaced has a lot of funny moments.
I watched some Black Books on Netflix. But they took it off before I got past the second episode. I got it right when it was taken off.:(

I should check to see if it's back. I hate how they rotate stuff. some months there's not much that I want to see.

I recently watched an Olivia De Havilland film called "Lady In A Cage". She plays a crippled woman who gets stuck in her service elevator during a power outage. Her home is then broken into twice. Once by a wino who alerts his prostitute friend that they should come back and clean the place out. And again by a group of hoodlums who overhear them. She's tormented horribly. It features a very young James Caan in his first feature film.

I also Watched "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" with Bette Davis and Olivia De Havilland. Although I had seen it before but it had been awhile. It does have a similar premise to "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane." Only Bette Davis' role was reversed. Cousin Miriam was originally supposed to be played by Joan Crawford and the whole vehicle was meant to recapture the success of their previous film together. But she and Davis feuded so much that Crawford faked sick and attempted to shut the production down. So she was replaced. De Havilland is good. But that slapping scene would have been something with Crawford doing it.
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The Frighteners. In my opinion it's one of Peter Jackson's underrated older flicks and it's a film Michael J. Fox did before Parkinson's made it harder for him to act. It really shows how great Michael is at comedy. He's great in the film and the actors who played the ghosts are hilarious. I love how cheesy it is and how it doesn't take itself seriously.

@Dysnomia it's worth buying the 3 season dvds if you can find them because the first two seasons includes commentary on every episode. And the commentary is even more entertaining than the show.
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PSA: there is no show airing on television right now better than Starz's Counterpart.

Imagine if Westworld (meaning a show with a cool, sci-fi high concept, not a show about futuristic androids... the shows are in no way similar) had no identity politics subtext or "cinematic," big budget ambitions. Still slick, but the cool shit had to be done with the scripts and concepts, not with special effects or expensive cinematography. Imagine if the plot existed not so much to keep you confused and guessing (though there is that) but to explore interesting ideas/dynamics and to drive more meaningful characterization. And imagine if the show's main "hook" was leveraged only to do all that more effectively.

That's Counterpart. If you don't know anything what about it, don't read about it. If you like spy intrigue, just watch it.

Justified - best TV show of new millenium
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Some people hate it but The Orville started Season 2 yesterday. I find the show worth the bother of downloading myself but your tastes may differ.

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