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Der Hauptmann 2018
It's a pretty dark wartime film about Willi Herold, who you should google because his story is insane. The film is good, a character study of sorts on the fragility of the human mind in the midst of chaos- the last days of the reich. It's very dry and almost funny in parts, and the main character is fascinating. You don't really learn anything about him because there's always this sense of acting, but being on the verge of breaking character. There's a real sense of isolation and instability, plus some great camera work. I guess a comparison to Schindler's List is kind of inevitable, and while I don't think from an artistic point of view that this film is superior, I did 'enjoy' it more, for lack of a better word.
There are some bad points- there's a lot of long drawn out staring and the pacing is wonky. I think some of the characters are a little underdeveloped, but then war changes you so maybe it doesn't matter who you were before. It certainly doesn't for the main character, who picks up a new identity and grows into it with the ease and gusto of someone either thoroughly broken or psychopathic.
Reading the reviews they were pretty mixed- this film is quite controversial. I can see why- it's very violent, and it's easy to assume at first glance that it's too sympathetic to the main character (who commits numerous war crimes).
The most controversial scene isn't actually in the film though- it's the credits. I personally found them quite funny, but many reviewers did not. Partially because they thought it was real.
Basically, it's a fake prank. Herold and his team are seen in their car driving through a modern German city, in full costume, to the bemusement of passers-bay. I assume that it was all staged before hand because no one got arrested. In a series of obviously faked scenes they're then shown interrogating and stealing from random people on the street. They steal sunglasses and hats and stuff and kinda fuck around while the victims put up some slightly weak defence. It's in incredibly poor taste, but then so is the rest of the film so it all works quite well.
In conclusion- the reviewers at The New Yorker need to get their heads out of their incredibly tasteful arses. War is disgusting, humans are disgusting, and if a film about atrocities offended you then it is doing it's job.


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Strike Me Pink (1936) Cute fun little movie, I thought it wasn't a musical until halfway through the whole film, the final chase sequence at the end was actually really intense.

The Fountainhead (1949) I didn't actually know an Ayn Rand novel was adapted into the big screen until today, I don't even think a novel of that kind could have been adapted in any other format than a black and white drama, if it was adapted into a modern day film, I honestly believe Ayn Rand's message and interpretation of a collectivist society (I'm talking out of my ass btw) wouldn't have captured the audience's imagination and message she's been trying to put out, the courtroom speech and the ending was top notch. :)

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Watched Robocop 1 and 2 back-to-back and if anything it makes 2 look even worse than its reputation already provides. I avoid 3 because it's not not tolerable, but I think 2 has now fallen in this category for me. 2 suffers not just from losing a lot of the ideas and precise tone of the first, but also from 80s high-profile action movie bloat as exemplified by Aliens and Terminator 2. Those films, however, are very good and deserve their two-hour duration, but Robocop 2 spews a huge amount of named characters, tediously protracted scenes, and unconvincing plot points that pile on top of its tonal difficulties to produce a real steaming heap of garbage. If taken as a Robot Jox-style B-movie I can almost understand why people like it, but that is not the standard that this should be measured against, as this had the resources to be vastly better.


before it was cancelled, i found some enjoyment with z nation and the absurdity of some of it.


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Twice-Told Tales (1963)

It's a horror anthology starring the all mighty Vincent Price. Of the three stories that were featured in the film, Rappaccini's Daughter was my favorite, it's a story about a scientist's daughter whose kept alive by poison but as a result she's poisonous to anyone who touches her.


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Alright, some of my go-to recommendations for TV shows are:

1. The Originals - It's a Vampire diaries spinoff but has a lot of interesting depth to it, and the action in it is fun and entertaining.
2. The Magicians - based on a series, incredibly funny and dirty, essentially NSFW Harry Potter.
3. American Horror Story - Would particularly suggest the latest season, Apocalypse, and also Asylum and Roanoke.


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Viva Zapata! (1952) - One of my new favorites, Marlon Brando does a good job playing a Mestizo Mexican while an actual Mexican (Anthony Quinn) plays a good job playing the brother.

The Longest Day (1962) - All star cast WW2 movie featuring the likes like the god all mighty John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, and even Sean Connery. Great fucking movie, my favorite WW2 too.
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Are bad movies welcome here? My favorite bad movie is Enduring Destiny, a feature length student film (?) staring the director and writer as his character deals with college and becoming a cripple. After the 5 minute intro that includes the cast talking about how wonderful the director is and a random music video, the first thing you'll notice is how there's no lip syncing and that the dialogue audio tape must have been run through a pitch filter and probably run over by a semi truck. Everyone's voice is 2 octaves lower and they like they're talking with their hands over their mouth. I guess the idea was to invoke a sense of it being a shitty 80s VHS tape, but the video is in HD which is just jarring. The whole movie doesn't know what time period it should take place in. The mother's defining trait is that she washes dishes and looks like a 50s housewife caricature, there's the whole 80s music and culture theme, and people use flip phones and facebook.

My favorite scene is when the protagonist is with his girlfriend at a fancy restaurant when some frat bros barge in and forcefully kidnap the girl in front of everyone while the protag, who is supposedly a championship wrestler training to be a CIA agent, hides under the table. This whole event gets swept under the rug a few scenes later like it never even happened.

And then there's the usual bad writing. It's the kind of bad writing that makes you laugh at how nonsensical it is, but I won't spoil any more. Give it a watch, it's free on youtube
I genuinely consider this to be the The Room of student films.

Another favorite of mine is Gods of Los Angeles. It's a 2deep4u film about a young lady who has autism and is also an angel or something. In fact, everyone in this film acts like they have autism judging by the unnatural way everyone speaks to each other. The main male protagonist befriends the autistic girl and his girlfriend gets jealous, and the rest is relationship bullshit written by someone who's probably never been in a relationship. The girl jumps off a building and dies but not really but in the end she does die for real but also not really but actually yes really. It's not as entertaining as Enduring Destiny, but it is a nice and cringey "How not to make a film." It's also free on youtube. This is part 1 and the rest is on the guy's channel

EDIT: Now that I'm rewatching Enduring Destiny for the first time in a couple of years, I fucking laughed out loud at the schizophrenic audio mixing. There was an attempt to make the audio be stereo depending on where the actors are in relation to the camera but there's this quick succession of cuts that make the audio bounce around all over the place.
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Companeros (1970) by Sergio Corbucci has a very catchy and corny theme song, the movie itself was alright and the antagonist of the movie played by Jack Palance looks a lot like Mads Milkkelsen.
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Via Dick Masteron, a modern black teen is transported back in time and becomes a slave in BROTHER FUTURE
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Angst (1983). Idk how I missed this for so long, the only thing that really compares is Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, and if you like that you will find much to enjoy in this. Very committed and ungimmicky focus on a psychopathic/murderous mind. Contrasting to Henry as a functional/calculating individual, Angst focuses on a person afflicted by fantasies and impulses.

The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018 ). I was expecting not to enjoy this, but even if taken as a generic action techno-thriller it's cringe-worthy. Compared to the originals or the remake this is night and day. Most of the characterisation of Lisbeth is just copy-pasted from the previous films (surprise, it is the present year my dudes and she beds women, further surprise she is callous towards them, etc, etc).

Ms. 45 (1981). Somewhat related to Driller Killer, and by the director of Bad Lieutenant, this is Fererra's usual minimalism, substituting the artistic angst of DK with an even stronger focus on style of costume and engagement, similar to what he later did in King of New York.

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If you want a reminder that Stephen Colbert was actually funny at one time, then Strangers With Candy is for you. A parody of after-school specials that doesn't require knowing much about them outside of cursory knowledge, it has a dark, surreal sense of humor along with pitch-perfect performances from Colbert, Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello.


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Touch of Evil 1958 by Orson Welles, great movie everything from cinematography (opening long shot) to it's very dark story telling reminds me a lot of No Country For Old Men (movie is set in the small towns near the US/Mexico border).

Ben Hur (1959) The chariot race and the final act where Ben Hur witnesses the crucifixion and the music that accompanies his mother's and sisters healing from leprosy made me shed some tears, great movie.

Today I saw 55 Days in Peking (1963) which covers the Battle of Peking during the Boxer Rebellion of 1899 - 1901, which stars Charlton Heston as a US Marine commander, who I just recently saw in Touch of Evil and Ben Hur, not too long ago, this man definitely went places in his career.
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Kingdom on Netflix. Six hour long episodes in season one. It is a badass Korean costume drama with zombies. It is brainless entertainment of the best sort. I LOLed at a few of the plot twists. It ends with a cliffhanger, making me want to watch Seasom Two when that gets released.

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Maniac Cop (1988 ). A great discovery, with a pleasing twist on the slasher formula - there is a tangible mystery element to the story (not just an implied "atmosphere" of mystery as a by-product of a threadbare production) which when combined with the police procedural elements, a compelling baddie, and sharp direction results in a fabulous b movie. Very tidy soundtrack as well, more varied and memorable than might be expected for standard horror synth.

The inserted scenes with the mayor in the extended version are utterly ridiculous and could harm the atmosphere to those unable to mentally separate them, but having these Laurel & Hardy acting-style interludes that are visually, tonally and acting-wise totally out of place add some extra stupidity to the proceedings which is enjoyable in a way, especially if you're watching with somebody. They reminded me of the awful ending of Psycho where the detective explains everything to the viewers, rehashing things that were already obvious, and mutilating much nuance.

Francis E. Dec Esc.
The Donner Party (1992): Very grim, depressing documentary about the doomed group of would-be California settlers who made every bad decision they possibly could and wound up snowbound in the Sierra Nevadas. It has a really good ambient soundtrack with Harold Budd and Clannad.


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It Happened One Night (1934) My god, Claudette Colbert was such a beautiful woman, and Clark Gable's performance throughout the film was nothing but eccentric and entertaining, very comfy movie to see. Now I want to spend a night and read a book while it rains in those shacky motels they had in the 30s, lol!


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