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I'm sure someone else has already recommended this movie but god damn, the original 2003 OldBoy is a fucking classic. Might actually be one of the best drama action films I've ever seen. The acting, the writing, the cinematography, all of it so perfect. Easily one of the most interesting action movies I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying as well. Extremely in-depth character development that leaves you wanting more and more. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get into Korean action movies or even Korean drama movies.

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I have been watching this show called Outer Banks on Netflix. It's alright, nothing too great. But watchable.

What I can't get over is how they got Dave Rubin to play Ward, the asshole dad character.

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Hotel Artemis. Set in a cyberpunk near-future Los Angeles which is currently being torn apart by water riots, this is one of those "colorful cast of characters double and triple cross each other in a single location" movies like Smokin' Aces or Clue. In this case its the titular Hotel which is a combination safehouse and black market clinic where a variety of injured criminals are holed up to wait out the riots.


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Watched a lot of women in prison films lately like Black Mama White Mama, Caged Woman and The Big Bird Cage. Makes good fap material and strong female heroine material.
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I would like to recommend "Drishyam" from 2015. At first the pace might look slow but once the shit hit the fan... dayum i wish I could watch it first time again.
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I just saw the first episode of the creepshow TV series and I must say I was pleasantly surprised it's really true to the 1982 and 1987 movies (there is no creepshow 3) and has a ton of easter eggs. In the opening of gray matter there was a reference to cujo and pet sematry cleverly hidden that I almost missed it. Plus the casting of jigsaw aka Tobin bell was perfect. We may not have gotten a tales from the crypt reboot but this creepshow show is a close second so far. If I have one gripe it's the new theme. It's not a bad cover of the original theme but it just sounds too.. Modern. It's like in the resident evil 2 remake if you listen to the new soundtrack and hear only tidbits of the old school one undercut with bland forgettable new music


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Give Good Time a watch if you haven't already. Easily one of the best crime films of the last two decades. Amazing soundtrack that gels perfectly with the movie, and Pattinsons absolutely phenomenal in the main role.

The reason I didn’t post much on KF today was because I was watching way too much Trailer Park Boys. I’m slowly thinking my I.Q. levels are on the verge of turning into Ricky, Julian and Bubbles.

Anyway, great show so far. I can’t wait to watch the movie soon.

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Watched Midway last night with the family. Went in expecting it to be complete shit based on some of the critics. The big one was 'cheesy dialogue' and 'overly jingoistic characters' for it.

Welp, having known WW2 veterans, read letters and stuff in High School, back when WW2 consisted of more than DAZ JOOUUES FIFTY GIRILLION! and D-Day!, I gotta say...

Yeah, they were gung-ho motherfuckers. I mean, lets be honest, they were some hard motherfuckers back then.

And "Oh, the actors were all ugly."

News flash, motherfuckers are ugly.

The biggest disappointment is that it was seriously sucking China's cock.

What's funny, is all of the critics were all "Oh, it's well known story" and if you asked any random 20 motheruckers what "Midway" was, THEY COULDN'T FUCKING TELL YOU!

Still, it was a good movie. Was it historically accurate? No. I can live with that though. It was a good movie IMHO.

(But I have terrible taste in movies. I rank Maximum Overdrive and Rock & Rule as two great movies)

Oh, and the opinion of that former Marine Scout who wrote the shit-tastic review in the Military Times? He's a plain example of why Marines should stick to eating crayons and let other people write things.

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The cult classic Captain Celluloid vs. The Film Pirates. A square-jawed film archivist dons the costume of his crime-fighting alter ego to challenge the Master Duper and his organization, after the fiends hijack an unearthed complete print of Erich von Stroheim's Greed, which the Duper makes a near-instant copy of with the "Instant Transmission Printer" developed by his conspirator Satanya. The Duper and his League of Film Pirates plan to hijack copies of classic films, copy them and sell them to wealthy collectors. It's an obvious labor of love, a throwback to the film serials of the 1930s and 40s, complete with cliffhanger endings for each chapter, obvious model work, and a hooded villain.

The 1966 film was the creation of a group of fans of the old serials, though they shot it without sound recording equipment and employed only library music and sound effects on the soundtrack.

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While inside for 2 months, I watched a shit load of the DC animated films ranging from Mask of the Phantasm to the most recent release, Justice League Dark Apokolips War.

Some of these were rewatches but a good amount were 1st time watches. There were some bad ones, but I felt like there were like 5 or 6 good to great ones for every downer. They were mostly enjoyable and I'm glad I watched these.