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Speaking of short films, here's one that a few CalArts/Disney folk happen to have been involved on in the 1 970's.

EDIT: if you just want names, John Lasseter, Brad Bird and Tim Burton were mentioned in the credits!


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Just discover the YouTube channel of Eric and Darrell and already I felt transported back to that childhood I wanted in '89. I got so jealous at this one vid of them showing off their entertainment setup, two computers (one IBM, the other Amiga, both on two separate monitors), an NES and a music keyboard, all on the floor!
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From the director of films like "The Sword and the Sorcerer", MST3K target "Alien From L.A." and "Nemesis", came Albert Pyun's 1985 post-nuke film "Radioactive Dreams", it has a very New Wave-ish soundtrack full of tracks that are total slappers.

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Did anyone here ever hear of a show called “The Jellies”?
It used to be on [adult swim], and it was created by Tyler, The Creator and his friends.

I only saw it once a few years back, but never stuck with it.

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I really enjoyed first 2 Evil Dead movies.

Any similar Zombie flicks out there?
Preferably older ones.

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A goofy but sleek sci-fi thriller from Michael Crichton, who wrote and directed it - 1981's Looker, starring Albert Finney, James Coburn and Susan Dey. A plastic surgeon learns that some of his patients, fashion models, have been "committing suicide" and learns that the corporation that offered them lucrative contracts to have their bodies scanned digitally to create 3D computer-generated likenesses might have something to do with it. From what I've heard, some say the thriller elements were studio enforced and that Crichton was more interested in making a satire about advertising and obsessions related to it, but oh well.

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I don't watch many television shows myself, so they're a lot easier for me to recommend than movies. So I'll list them!

Shows I follow:
1. Downton Abbey: If you're into period dramas, then this is one long, well done,well budgeted example of one taking place from 1912-1920ish (currently). While a little slow at first in Season One, it's easy to find yourself caring about the varied cast of characters and becoming invested, generally leaving you hooked by the middle season and ready for more. There are some absolutely beautiful and poignant moments as well as some more comedic ones. This is first, and foremost, however, a drama. It's about to go into its 4th season, but at 8-9 40 minute episodes a season (with an hour and a half Christmas special for seasons 2 and 3), it's certainly not the hardest show to catch up on.

2. Sherlock: It's Sherlock. The title character is great! His ideosyncrasies are endearing and entertaining. The friendship with Watson is also well done. It's a pretty effective modern day translation and also pretty easy to catch up on. It's waiting on it's 3rd season, and combined, there are 6 hour and a half episodes to catch up on.

3. Once Upon a Time: A guiltier pleasure because lol fairy tales. I just picked up on it last week. It's great though. The Evil Queen (Snow White's), fed up with everything, banishes everyone to Storybrooke, Maine, taking away their memories and happy endings associated with their past lives. The episodes are usually split up in 2, going between the fairy tale world for character background and the main setting of the plot focus (usually Storybrooke). So, the curse needs to be broken, etc, etc, good vs evil. It's gotten really good though, once you make it past the first 2/3 of the first season (gets a little slow at first) it picks up like crazy (if you like the surreality of fairy tales). The characters are handled really well, and while some stories are altered for the sake of the plot, I think the ends justify the means. Real depth is given to both the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin. If fairy tales are your ting, its worth the watch, if only just for those two.
Also: as an ABC show, they have the right to use Disney characters, which adds a huge nostalgia factor in the nods that they give.

4. Arrested Development: A show both witty and outrageous. It's currently in (debatable since it materialized in one great dump) its 4th season, having been released to Netflix the other day. I'm just getting started on it myself, but it's looking very promising.
I liked the first few seasons of Once Upon a Time. I use to watch it with my family as a kid. Our family had a tradition of binge watching series over summer. We watched Lost and Fringe as well.

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Not much of a fan of Bobcat Goldthwait, including his latter forays into helming films but I did enjoy his 1991 film Shakes the Clown, where he plays an alcoholic clown who lives and works in the city of Palookaville, the "clown capital". He's a real professional party clown when he's sober, but his drinking is causing him problems with his boss and his girlfriend, a waitress at a clown bar-slash-aspiring pro-bowler. His friends, one of them played by a young Adam Sandler, try to get him to realize he needs help, but will join him in his drunken shenanigans, like anti-mime hate crimes.

Plus, when Pepe the Clown, host of a local kid's show, steps down, to most peoples' shock the coveted role of replacement goes to the unfunny Binky (played by none other than Tom Kenny, who as you might know did stand-up and knew Goldthwait from high school, or so I've heard.) Shakes is, upset, and driven to drink some more. Soon, Binky kills his and Shakes' boss after he's caught enjoying some celebratory cocaine with his cohorts. Naturally, he frames the passed out Shakes. Pssssst, the clowns are supposed to be analogous to stand up comics.

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Seriously check out the reboot/revisioned Unsolved Mysteries. I had my doubts especially no host like the legemdary Robert Stack but shit is thought provoking, curious, and more after only a few episodes. Sure Stacks narration was unforgettable in the original but they really honor him a quiet way and with an update on the original music too. 9/10 so far....I just hope they do find a brilliant host if not Stack's voice beyond the grave eventually.
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