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Welcome back @AWPerative and thanks for the update. I see Jesse joined in, albeit briefly before getting put in the corner again.

I ended up downloading close to 80 of the videos from his channel that seemed to be of interest to me. He definitely is raging in a few of them. Anyway, those are safe should the nuke button get pushed.
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Mr. Burgers' Favorite Person
So if anyone wants to know how I got the docs on his "ex", they're the very first search result on Google for her full name. That revealed not one but two addresses, as well as three phone numbers.

I didn't have to do a lot of digging, I just put two and two together. FYI Jesse has also doxxed me on several occasions posting my home address and phone number on Facebook. Thankfully that was an address I haven't lived at for several years. I did get one phone call from one of his people but it never amounted to anything. He had also posted addresses, IP numbers, and phone numbers of several women as well.
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