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To be fair he did have like a million people raid his comment's section with "Oh my god you insulted this user's dyslexia". I bet if it was just one user he wouldn't have made a journal about it.
Well that's another way to look at it. I didn't consider that. He does have a lot of people that will hound him down for various shit.

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Not sure if the post was legitimate or not (because it felt a lot like they were trying to "force" a reaction with how it was written, disability or not), but Enter yet again fails to address the fact that GA is boring and vanilla, referring to a bunch of episodes (that fail to adequately refute the criticism) and then refusing to discuss the matter further.

I guess that's one thing Enter has going for him, at least. He doesn't take obvious bait. He doesn't answer criticism, but he doesn't embarrass himself replying to it.
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