MREs - Mil niggers opine (foreign military MREs are cool too)


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I was always partial the the vegetarian pasta dishes in the MREs. They were impossible to fuck up. The teriyaki beef was pretty alright as well. Real patricians however figured out which ones came with peanut butter and the pound cake.


I'm not gonna read that
Been eating Candian IMPs for a few years now. Used to be more into them but most of the “hardcore” MRE community seem to be boomers or Gen X so I found it hard to find a lot of common ground with them at times. All good guys none the less.

As far as favorites, IMP Beef Stew is unmatched. They used to have a Jambalaya I really liked too. Breakfast Patties is my favorite breakfast option.
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Best: the old IMP sausage and hashbrown. Beef stew was okay too.
Worst: old IMP steak in raisin and/or mustard sauce.

I find the MRE breakfast are way worse then the old IMPs, maybe it's nostalgia mixed with being hungrier at the time.

I also have a liferaft canned water ration from 1971. I'm not willing to drink it but I did try a bagged water ration from 1995 the other day for lulz and was fine.