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I doubt this fucker has ever actually listened to a vinyl record.

I'm really into vinyl, it's my favorite music format, but let me tell you something.

I can't take a record on the go. That's what I use my CD's and MP3's for.

Even if someone prefers a older format, you can usually make a case for also investing in the newer format as well.

Actually, if this dick shit is trying to go for 80's and 90's crap, wouldn't a tape player be more appropriate? Vinyl was going into mainstream decline well before the 80's were out...

I...can't even make fun of that.

That's just kinda sad.

GV 998

That one was just a dumb short, to be fair. This is what he produces with actual time and effort.

(Spoiler: it's not much better.)

Well it's not terrible for a YTP. In terms of effect quality. But the "humor" makes no sense. I know, YTPs usually don't make sense, but I don't see why that is supposed to be funny. Also, I don't get the Caillou hate. If you don't like a cartoon, just ignore it. I don't know what Caillou is, but judging by this poop, I gather it's a cartoon made for very young children and it's meant to teach them little life lessons and family values. So why would anyone who is an adult give a fuck about it? Why waste your energy hating something that is so trivial?


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is there anything interesting other than people sperging about his shit videos?


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Didn't he say he has a "strange thing" for Garfield crying? If he really does that makes this scary in a new way.
That would be scary, no doubt there. Only asking because the Poop posted above seems to have some bizarre fascination with feet and dank MLG meems (the latter more than usual). Kinda found that weird and I couldn't tell if it was for "humor" purposes or if he's trying to tell us something.
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is there anything interesting other than people sperging about his shit videos?



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Hi everyone! Just made this account to add some information on this...person.

I think I've heard of this guy before. He's on FanFiction. He writes Garfield fics in which he portrays Odie as someone broken by years of abuse and repressed memories of his old owner, Lyman. It's a pretty good theory, but the fic he made about it is really poorly written.

The rest of his fics are trollfics of Caillou, Dora the Explorer, etc., which are also terrible.

There's also a recent fic he uploaded entitled "Garfield's Awesome Freakin' Day, Man!", which includes a scene near the end where Garfield and Nermal make out:



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