Muckbang Taco Bell Bar at Home - 06/11/20 - Shit is precorded because of course it is


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lol did this bitch seriously copy Chantal with her "Hey guys hey!"? :story:

Posted right after Chantal posted her own Taco Bell mukbang, too. Needs a weigh in to be complete.

EDIT: Who the hell put it in her fat brain that Taco Bell is supposed to be a healthier fast food place?
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Thin privilege is real y’all
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Hambone’s Last Supper:
Amberlynn looked around at all the delicious food laid before her. She knows she’s dying of cancer, so she needs to make a lasting impression on everyone before she goes to the Cheesecake Factory in the sky. She decided to divide up the tacos and she said it was to remember her body. After the food, she died in her sleep. The end.

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She was talking shit before about binging and binge eating disorder, but this shit right here is actual binge eating. It's especially twisted that she does this with Becky right there. There's the pretense of this being dinner and that Becky is supposedly getting some respect by being able to eat just barely out of view of the camera. But she's still right there, and those are not two-person dinner portions. Those are binge portions. And Becky is either supposed to engage in the binge as well, or awkwardly sit by as it happens.

Though I've only watched a minute so far.

Necky is getting fat as fuck:
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She's got frog-throat going on.