Muckbang Taco Bell Bar at Home - 06/11/20 - Shit is precorded because of course it is


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I'm already sick of prerecorded videos I want to see more cancer crying and I want the details on her mom being there and how it's going

Also, I agree she's definitely gained weight back again and Becky is getting fatter than I've previously seen her. Maybe she's eating her emotions since mother dearest has terminal cancer?

So... The day she films herself dancing and saying she wants to try her weight-loss "operation" again... She also eats a Taco kit meant to feed 6 people? She can't be serious... And she wonders why people rag on her.

Speaking of rag... Their lives must be so depressing at this point, their roommates have fucked off, Amber is pouring blood and Becky is living in the basement, overeating and drinking whilst her mother dies of cancer.
Jesus... And yet, Hambone still shoves a camera in people's faces and food down her throat... All the while, cancer is secretly chewing on her insides....


The kids are alright.
God Becky looks fat and depressed. AL warns us that there might be crunching and eating noises, and that since Becky's "sitting right there," we might hear her noise but that's okay. I forgot how much of a bitch she is toward her partner. All conversation centers around food and if Becky likes a certain food or if someone in her family would like it or if she likes what she's eating now etc...
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That was.....awkward. Thumby seems to have to force herself to be civil and Al was acting like a teenager on her first "date".
There never was any chemistry between them but this is just painful.
Also, it doesn't seem that gushing torrents of blood slows down Big Al's eating one bit. Wonder if she was sitting on several towels?


Thank fucking god its all coming to the light.
alright im over the cancer guilt
you did this to your fucking self amber and also wiled away any support you may have had with your stupid upload decisions, you picked shovelling cheese into your smug face over literally anything or anyone else
i hope meth mama fucks her over real good

Maybe I’m wrong but wouldn’t it be cheaper to make your own tacos at home? Hell, they even sell Taco Bell brand seasoning for the beef.

Isn’t part of the appeal of fast food is that there’s no cooking involved? Why would anyone pay for DIY fast food?
It costs $25 - quite a bit of food for the money and you don't have to worry as much about people covidcoofing on you at the Walmart.


It would mess up my metabolism
"Pineapple is my favorite fruit" never eats actual pineapple but will get a syrupy frozen version at a fast food chain.

Watching her franticly stir the taco stuff together while talking rapidly about the food spread must be the equivalent of being at the peak of a rollercoaster for her. Its kind of sad that a display of taco bell can make someone so happy you can literally see it on her face.