Muckbang Taco Bell Bar at Home - 06/11/20 - Shit is precorded because of course it is

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From that angle she looks like Littleface from Dick Tracy.

Wow, just wow. Mommy must be so proud of her baby earning her money eating the amount to feed a family of 6. And Amber wonders why we tend to nag on her and don't believe her

Claims it's "only 165 calories" as if that's a good thing, when that's more than 10% of the calories someone her height should consume in a day.
165 if its in a small cup perhaps but she got the large so make that 165 (x3). Mostly cause if you look at Taco Bell's website, they have the calories on there for their drinks and "165" will be for a small but will go up to a certain high calorie when you order a large.
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Lmao the way she looked at Becky like she was crazy when she said she was only going to eat the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese :story:

It's like she can't conceptualize people not liking the same greasy crap as her. I don't know why Becky acts like that when the camera is on though when she's clearly eating like shit and gaining when it's off. Maybe she's just worried people are going to make fun of her for eating like shit. It's okay Thumb we already know

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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
She looks so fucking smug in that thumbnail.

Pineapple is her favorite fruit. OK, Sure, Jan. We've never seen her eat pineapple and declare it her favorite. I imagine whatever fruit she is occasionally eating is her favorite fruit, at that moment. remember all the shit should would eat in addition to Freshly? Oranges - nature's candy! Apples? So crunchy and tasty!

Big Al: Becky, I need you to sit here at this taco table with me and eat so it looks slightly less pathetic than a nearly 30 year old, 600 pound woman eating enough food for an entirely family.
Becky: Doookay, I will sit here and watch you continue to kill yourself and grunt out some stuff you won't listen to and don't care about.


Dont you guys think I should choose my own foods?
Becky refusing to eat on camera but more than happy to spend the shekels from amber doing it on shirts from the mall.

Edit: I notice whenever her or Becky do impressions of the viewers its in a stupid valley girl voice. She said people are eating healthy while watching the vid so they dont end up fat like her...well
Does anyone believe that those extra crunchy taco things were just randomly added to her order? Of course she fucking ordered them. She seriously thinks people believe her when she pulls that kind of shit. It's like when she walked into the kitchen that time and pretended she didn't know the camera was there.