Muckbang Taco Bell Bar at Home - 06/11/20 - Shit is precorded because of course it is

Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
What was up with that shade they were throwing at Eric & Ricky near the end? Something about how Eric & Ricky have a different group of lesbians that they are best friends with instead of Hamber & Becky?

It was right after Becky made her horrendous joke about beans ("Beans, beans, you know what they say, the more you eat the more you're gay. . .'cus you know. . [les]beans"), and after Becky finally explained it to Hamber Becky then said "I wish we were still 'The Beans' though, 'Eric and Ricky's Beans'. They have other 'Beans' now though."

Also lmfao at that bowl of nacho cheese she ate JFC Hamber :lol:
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Previously, Eric hasn't been shy in mentioning they're going away on a holiday - this is certainly different
I am just thinking about the Hangover video where she is dressed as Mrs Whiplash when she said something about an 'incident' that was a result of too much alcohol and then quickly said it was nothing to do with her
I wonder if there was an argument