MUKBANG LENTILS AND VEGGIE PATTY | YOUTUBE FUTURE 9/17/2019 - Day 91 of 100 - posted at 11:05 PM - talk about cutting it close!


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I get so triggered when our prim and proper gorl won't say "sex" out loud


"the S word"

As in, SCAM ??
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In an excrutiateeenly drawn out video with lots of long, awkward pauses because our gorl has literally nothing interesting to say and no one in the house interested in engaging with her, Amber informs us that she totally would have gone to support Becky and her mom for the surgery, but:
  • It's a long drive
  • There's not enough room in the hotel
  • There's not enough room in the car
Because those problems are obviously insurmountable. I mean she couldn't possibly rent a larger car or an get an extra hotel room! And long car trips, like those 2-hour journeys to the Cheesecake Factory in Lexington, are definitely out of the question! But she'd DEFINITELY be there to support them if she POSSIBLY could, y'all!

But sadly, through circumstances totally out of her control, she's at home by herself having to do a lonely mukbang. Thankfully these mukbang situations really help her stay on track, though. She's definitely not going to demolish the huge bag of Reeses Cups tucked under Pillow Mountain that she demanded her trusty Thumbservant procure for her before leaving to attend to her mom!

Don't worry y'all. Amber might look like she breezed right past 600 elbees in June, but you're dead wrong. She's on track.
Jack Lalanne's got nothin on our gorl! He might've been able to do 1033 pushups in 23 minutes, but Amber can walk in place for 2-and-a-half minutes AND shimmy!

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Of course this fat slob doesn’t finish the fucking thing on camera. Bet you money she threw it out, unlike rotisserie chicken which you know she inhaled.

Veggie tray? Lentils, baby carrots? Garbage.
Rotisserie chicken tho? Fucking scarfed. She and Chantal are the exact same. Did you peep the "Pizza Poutine" situation? lmao

Too late for a recap; might do one tomorrow just out of habit.


It would mess up my metabolism
I was watching the speed at which she moves the fork towards her mouth 😂. I find it hard to believe that the girl who ate a family bag of ruffles, a can of pringles, pint of ice cream and 2 sandwiches in 45 minutes is stuffed from this preschooler meal. It doesn't take much guessing that you most likely ordered a pizza that's sitting off cam and filmed this plate for the vid.


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Rotisserie chicken tho? Fucking scarfed.
I have to disagree. She only ate, what, a quarter of that thing?

When I saw the title of that video, I fully expected her to eat the whole thing. I had no doubt she could and would do it. Much disappoint.

There must be like 40g of fiber on that plate. Does anyone else think she's intentionally plugging herself up because Becky isn't there to wipe her 🤢
Wouldn't she have more success and less pain by inhaling a couple cheese platters?


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There must be like 40g of fiber on that plate. Does anyone else think she's intentionally plugging herself up because Becky isn't there to wipe her 🤢

Fiber should really release the hounds, if you get my drift. Or in Chantal’s language, “make her shit a lot” — perhaps she’s trying to find a way to punish Becks.


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These mookbongs are helping me I am more mindful

Necky at Hospital with cunt

long drive, not enought room in car

These bites my god...

she loves carrots gorls

no one wants to zoom in on your dry ass face bitch

bitch describes her dry ass food over like 2 fucking minutes need the 10 minutes gotta get that feeder coin


says nothing for 1 minute

thinks she chews so fast because she is eating in the moment - NO ITS BECAUSE YOU ARE A FAT CUNT

asks if blurry again this bitch really

mhhmmm hmmm hmmm

Sprite zero gorlssss

talks about sprite packaging - for fucking real

The reason why mookbongs help me - DRY ASS BITE - I persdonally dont like as of lately you sit here I stuff my face with with what I consider junk and if I do its in small portions compared to what I would do off of camera. If I mookbong I eat a lot slower than I would I know its hard to believe but its true hehe

she love etimame gorrrls

this vlog she does not know the day but its her next video exercise with me coming guys

Twinkie treat taunt

she is bad for MMMMMMMMMMMM she gives twinkie food but ITS NOT STUFF DOGS ARENT ALLOWED GUYS.

half way through this nightmare

literally talks about how good food is

she hates when people - I dont do it she hates when people in the comments say why do you moan when you it
First of all I do not do that in real life its to heighten the mookbong experience
minute pause
not only that Y'ALL I have not seen a single mookbong video where someone did not do that
I truly whole heartenly believe that people make fun of me because I dont want to say it because its odd to me but I dont want to get demonitizes because its not a sexual experience for me - sure janFUCKING SURE

its gross - and this isnt as this 600lb land whate eats this dry shit, silence for 1 minnute

complains about clatter

talks about food she loves lentils guys

THIS CUNT talks about loving lentils for 3 minutes

videos are uploading late because the mom has cancer - its been hard guys

talks about the food AGAIN like 7th fucking time

LITERALLY it been hard shes lost track of schedule has handful of videos to upload til the nightmare is over

ITS BEEN EXHAUSTING GUYS and its been wonderful to force herself to do something guys

you lose track of oh my god I have to film and maintain a schedule.

does not eat whole plate she clearly hates it now shes gonna eat fucking reeses no doubt

boy what a waste of time.

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This bitch throwing off the upload schedule. She typically uploads around ten to twelve hours from now.
I wonder if Becky is enjoying this time away from the Hambeast. She's taking care of her supercunt mother but at least she can still go to the restroom by herself.
Being Amber's personal butler sounds like a 1408 style sisheeeeeaashin to me.