Out of everything she shoveled into her face the only bite she actually enjoyed was the half a serving of laughing cow cheese she inhaled in one bite. Everything else was compulsion and muscle memory going through the consuming motion.

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Dear 500lb Toddler Woman,

Mocking the symptoms of an exertion induced heart attack is never a good look on anyone, let alone an individual maxing out a full quarter of an elevator's weight capacity. Maybe you are unfamiliar with the expression "tempting fate"?
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DefCon Dumb

Confronter of Cryptoid Cuntiness
Where do I start? Where do I stop? Xenomorph captured THE definitive expression in the still she posted. That's the look of amazement, awe & adoration you generally reserve for a love interest, newborn child or cute puppy. She reserves that for Laughing Cow on baby carrots & other, (to her), tasty noms. She's been almost manic these last couple of vids & why not? They incolve food & getting it into her as fast as she can manage.

"Sometimes I act a certain way..." referring to her snit fit yesterday. She can't even take ownership of her own behaviour by naming it; not until she tip toes around it for a few paragraphs. She acted like a put out toddler about to pitch a hissy because Mommy said "no" to more ice cream. Took a while for her to admit she was sulking or some such.

"Wants to dilly dally in something different"...? Did she mean dabble?

She talks about dancing being her REAL passion. Wrong. Young dancers who want to pursue that dream or simply be really good without entering the entertainment industry watch what they eat, work out regularly & practice, practice, PRACTICE. The only thing she practices religiously is speed stuffing. Food is her only passion.

"Tea" about being out of breath doing Torrid Try Ons? She can't talk without breathing heavily; why on earth would she think anyone remotely considered her capable of changing clothes without major breathing problems & back owies?

From the sounds of it, lots of mukbangs in her future. She might want to look at her, (albeit it's early), like/dislike ratio & the comments. FYI, there's a whacked out Fruitarian who calls herself 'FitShortieEats'. Seems we can look forward to plenty of episodes of 'FatShortieEats'.
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