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As it will be for most of us, she's going to catch corona virus at some point. Unless we all stay in solitary for the next 18-24 months, (earliest REASONABLE time for a safe vaccine), we'll be infected but most of us will just get a heavy cold.

I won't sperg too much about it but her already known health issues means there is no way in hell she doesn't end up in hospital & within a few hours, ICU. This is a woman who claims to be obsessed with news about it, is terrified of catching it yet has not made the effort to lose weight I'd associate with real fear. Not only that but as per her own words - no masks? No gloves? Her hearing & comprehension seem quite selective as she's afraid to go outside she says - in case a stray virus particle strays her way, (unlikely on that huge property), is afraid to open Amazon packages - did she bring them in & in doing so, touch them?

She really needs to edit her internal scripts a little better - she can't remember her bullshit from one day to the next.

After Mothman's post: what the hell are 'internal vibrations'? No insurance? Tough shit - she's been nagged about getting it for years.

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"Let's just enjoy the food and ignore how I feel." - Amberlynn, 2020. . .and also her whole life probably.

You know Amber there's a simple solution to not having health insurance when you make a couple thousand a month.

I hope she has to wear an eye-patch for her months long eye spasm thing. PirateLynn would crack me up a little :)

ETA: Also, maybe don't fuck around with starting and stopping random anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication on a whim if you don't want to have odd neurological/CNS side effects.
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Shouldn't come to anyone's surprise that this is what she was talking about when she said she has eight or seven videos already recorded and ready to upload

It was said this before a hundred times already, she's desperate for money and she only said recently that her "mookbong" videos bring her in the most money

I just fucking love how she threw aside all that shit she said she'll stop doing like stop doing clickbait to earn more money :lit:


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No her Mookbong USED to bring her the most money they are quite average now, its because unlike people like Trisha who drip feed and maintain millions and are somewhat decent with talking points. Trisha's mookbongs in terms of western audiences are the closest to Korean you can get frankly. Amber over exerted and tired her viewerbase also the fact she is boring as fuck is not a help either. Basically the shock value is gone.

Few points; 1, what the fuck she looks vile, wash yourself you filthy bitch atleast Chinny is usually clean.
2, burps, she is getting that feeder coin, would not be surprised if she is trying to get private audiences but they don't like stir frys you stupid cunt, they like to see the destruction and abuse of the body not you lose weight.

sidenote - this is one of the most annoying aspects of Amber and Chinny they try and pick and choose their audiences more so Amber, you can't these fetishes are incredibly particular with what they want.

3, this is a stock video, you can tell.

Final point. Nigga this is no stir fry, Amber once again murdering culinary arts, a stir fry is a mix of vedge and one meat seasoned with soy and usually oyster. Who the fuck puts the much corn in a stir fry, you need al dente vedge or ones with minimal times. I personally put shitake mushrooms in mine because of their deep flavor, they are cheap but transform the dish massively. Honestly before watching this looks vile. The chicken from the thumbnail is not cooked enough, the chunks are too large.

p.s. No legs fuck you.

I mean what is there to say about this, YEARS of... this.

The shock value of seeing a 600 pound human hog kill itself with food is waning, especially when theres both better sideshows for this kind of thing and just other more interesting events going on in the world right now. For people that just show up for the sideshow, maybe not having seen something like this before, the "HAHAA look at the fat American pig oinking while it stuffs its face!" wore off years ago. For anyone wanting some kind of dieting food recovery redemption story arc etc well that ship sailed, sank, and has been at the bottom of the ocean for a long time. Even people wanting some kind of bad karma, consequences are a bitch story out of this where her life choices bite her in the ass eventually.. well.. she's like a 600 pound cockroach that somehow avoids it all.

Shit's just boring now.

literally low-key
She has been eating on camera for years and still has to set her plate on a storage container or a pile of puzzles or whatever.

She doesn't want to edit the video she says. What a lazy fucking bitch. She has unedited videos lined up to upload. The timeline gets all mixed up when she does this.

I hate when she says she is in the 400's. She is 499.9. She's fooling only herself. I'm sure she is over 500 by the end of each day.

She didn't film her walk with Rickie and Eric and the dogs. Instead she punishes us with these sit-downs. Why would she choose to do that?