How long will Amber stick with making meals at home?

  • 1 day

    Votes: 59 24.7%
  • Few days

    Votes: 27 11.3%
  • 1 week

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • 2 weeks

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 1 month

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • She’ll actually succeed

    Votes: 4 1.7%
  • She’ll lie and pretend to keep up with this habit longer to get back at the haydurs

    Votes: 146 61.1%

  • Total voters


Gorl who loves orange chicken

Islamic Content:
  • Talks about Vlogmas again in the opening
  • Talks about dietician debacle. Says opinions are very split
  • Al starts reading Vlogmas comments and proceeds to “bawl her eyes out” over them
  • Like and dislike ratios on her videos don’t tell her anything
  • Says that usually, comments don’t get to her, but she’s had a lot of depression lately
  • Says that the comments were hurtful and is surprised that people have a genuine hate for her
  • In the comments, she sees a lot of people telling her that if she doesn’t lose weight, this will be her last Christmas
  • Also gets advice to stop eating out and eating so much fast food. Big Al agrees with them
  • She knows that she is dying. She has binge eating disorder and a food addiction (according to her own diagnosis)
  • Says people want to see her gain weight
  • Says she could lose 100 pounds and still get hate, same for losing 200 pounds
  • Gorl went grocery shopping at Wommart and said she got the typical healthy fooods. Gorl also got some meal prepping containers. Told Becky she doesn’t want to eat out except for Becky’s birthday and that’s it
  • Weighed in at 556 elbees (on the dot)
  • Shakes head when people think she’ll be 600 elbees by Christmas
  • She’s going to cheer up now
  • Has been eating out for months and months now (not like anyone thought otherwise)
  • Proceeds to make something that Al says, will last her 5 meals
  • 95258FDA-5464-4B90-A475-78D79759090F.png
    Gourmet pasta by Big Al
  • D27980EA-5CB6-4AB8-8930-13C9E453E252.png
  • Amber drinking water from Starbucks because Becky was at a doctors appointment. Gorl requested water from Starbucks
  • :islamic:Gorl makes orgasmic noises while eating pasta:islamic:
  • Says cooking the dinner was hard because she had to sit down between stirring
  • CB24179B-D576-4830-9799-C11615915103.png
  • 7FA07552-2A7A-42BE-B654-B0BF0D9D8265.png
  • Thumb spotted at the end looking more thumb-like than ever
  • Closes vlog by talking about Vlogmas again
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I will give her one, single, fucking gold star. I respect her a little bit for actually sticking to Vlogmas, probably the first person Ive seen do vlogmas that sticks to it for more than two days (Chantal did it until her double-(ham)fisting beef 'n' cheddars took her off track on day three because every journey has ups and downs) and this is the longest Ive seen her stick to anything.

Theyre not good videos, I dont even watch them, but it's the first time I think Ive ever heard of her saying she's gonna do something and then actually following through. Bravo. I genuinely hope she keeps it up. Hell she probably DID film them all in one day, and that's why she cant make a definitive statement (are comments on her stupid dietician video really split?) but if she made 31 fuckin videos, Ill actually say she passed muster.

I have really, really low standards, I guess.

Honestly I made some autistic posts about thinking she's doing this as the wind up to some show, and Im gonna continue that thread and think that someone is making her do this daily updating because this is the most consistent our gorl™ has ever been.
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Arrested For YT Crimes

I'm the type that longs for good strokes
just a little while ago, Amber posted a mukbang where she read comments for a total of three minutes before they were waaayyyy too much for her. So not reading comments “in years”? sure.

Why even lie when she has videos that always show she’s a laah? anyone intellectually stunted enough to catch her bait and give her sympathy points has up and left by now


I've got more demons where that came from.
‘556 on the dot’
for anyone wanting to know the weigh in.
Her face has looked so enourmous lately that I perceive the weigh in as lie.

Every now and then she comes back to reality for minute then goes back to whatever the fuck she was doing, this is one of those moments.
She's lying I'm guessing 575 this is why I guessed her admitting 600 in 2019.


True & Honest Fan
Can't watch right now, but from taking a peek, is Al actually cooking her mukbang meal? Must be a Christmas miracle.

Also, I can't stand the way she stares directly into the camera almost every time she stuffs her maw like in the thumbnail. Makes me feel weird for reasons I can't put my finger on.
It’s like a dog staring you in the eye while it takes a stanky shit. Gross bodily functions with unblinking eye contact are offputting to the average person and AL taking a bite is definitely a gross bodily function!

Add about 10-15 pounds of LIES on to that weigh in just for good measure. No surprises here.

The first time I saw Amber do a 'healthy eating' kick or some new diet plan I was all in, I like a happy ending, I was optimistic. But those times have come and gone and come again. We've seen this cycle before. So she makes one SEMI healthy meal, I mean 4 full meal portions that you know she's going to shovel in her mouth immediately, and that's a new lease on life! Right.

She SHOULD be terrfied that she's so oerweight, she SHOULD be scared at the fact she could die at any moment, she SHOULD be fucking shook that this could very reasonably be her last Christmas. But she's not, because she hasn't had any real consequences for any of her actions yet, only inconveniences that she can handwave away because she's a very inactive person with no interests outside of food and spending money.

I just want some damn consequences, REAL consequences.

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