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Jun 3, 2018
There's already a past multimedia thread on Tyler (Mumkey) about his channels being removed from YouTube. I'm making this as a separate thread to talk about any drama going on with him, seeing as how he can never seem to stay away from it. Digibro, Quinton, and his ex-friend AssBurger are a few prime examples.

That being said, this long-ass video got dropped today, and there's a lot of shit to go through:
Tyler Millard, aka Mumkey Jones, is a semi-popular YouTuber who's known for producing fairly edgy content.

Within the last few months, Tyler cheated on his girlfriend Sheepover with a furry, cub-drawing pedo girl named LiuTheKitty. Despite Sheepover having been a very supportive girlfriend over the past couple years, Tyler wanted to fulfill some deviant sexual fantasies of his with said furry pedo girl. After all this came out, Mumkey had to move out of his now ex-girlfriend's house to go back to his home state and live alone.

And for a little extra context, Mr. Meatman used to be an old friend of Tyler's, though the two had a falling out once Meatman got tired of having to suck Tyler's dick.
4:18: Story begins with Tyler meeting Liu at his fan meet-up, where he only talks with her at the event.

7:50: Info about Elly, aka "LiuTheKitty", a furry artist who draws cub porn and identifies as a pedophile and ephebophile. Groomed a 15 year old boy with mental health issues into having sex with her.

15:09: Tyler pretty much knew about her being a degen, all except for the 15 year old boy she groomed, yet still continued to pursue her.

17:59: The two continue to meet, eventually leading to them taking acid, having sex, and watching The NeverEnding Story. Declares that she's now his girlfriend, all while shit-talking his real girlfriend Sheepover.

22:39: Going over Tyler's specific issues with his girlfriend. He projected about how she was too controlling in their relationship, as he wanted to be in more control of their sex-life. Sheepover instead laughed at this and thought it was cute of him. Thus, Tyler felt like he was justified in cheating on her at the time (yes, really).
Meanwhile, Tyler can't break up with Sheepover for Liu because Sheepover's the breadwinner of the couple and Tyler refused to move back home with his parents. He basically wanted to have his own sugar-momma look after him.

30:19: Tyler was into dom-play where Liu would call him master, and liked having her talk to him in a little girl voice. Liu, meanwhile, was into breath-play and supposedly had Tyler choke her a few times during sex. There are also rumors of him begging her for drugs.

33:16: The relationship eventually ends after 4-months (late April), with Liu breaking off the relationship. The two had a total of 3 hookups, one of which was at his house while Sheepover was away. The two had sex on Sheepover and Tyler's bed without a condom, and Tyler said how they should get married if Liu were to end up pregnant. Tyler would also try and manipulate her to stay with him, saying how he'd "End-Game" himself if she were to leave him.

40:27: One of Tyler's Twitch mods, Tomas, was thirsty for Liu without knowing Tyler and her were dating. A friend of Tomas's, ojj, would try and comfort her when she was feeling down. This eventually lead to her dumping Tyler for being a creep and wanting to get with ojj instead.
While on a date with ojj, Tyler continues to try and beg her for sex and have her call him master.

48:20: Tyler got jealous of ojj and kept pestering Liu to figure out who exactly ojj was. Once he learned that ojj knew about his relationship with Liu, Tyler put out his video admitting to the cheating later that day, though did it not out of guilt, but to perform damage control. His video was a lot of pity-party bullshit talking about being depressed and suicidal. Yet despite all this, Tyler was still in contact with Liu to try and remain on friendly terms.

55:16: Pretty much the end of the video, specifically going over his lack of revenue and supposed substance abuse. His income, while not great, is a little more than minimum wage, and the drugs he's been "abusing" are laughably tame.

1:02:17: Some additional details are discussed about Tyler and Liu's sex tapes being out there, and Sheepover having suspected the affair.
At 1:09:51, there's a long rant that can only be seen via subtitles. To me it came off as a bit spergy, though the main takeaway is this:
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.31.37 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.31.37 AM.png


Source / Archive

Brief Timeline of ("Major") Events:
1/25/19: Tyler meets a fan of his named Liu at a meet up and eventually has an affair with her a week later.
April 2019: Liu breaks up with Tyler, goes after another guy she likes. Despite this, Tyler still tries to control her and beg for sex.
5/4/19: Tyler's pity-party video where he admits to having cheated on Sheepover. This came out a few weeks before Meatman's video.
5/28/19: Meatman's video drops. Tyler responds to it via Twitter.
5/30/19: Tyler announces that he'll be talking with Meatman on the SOTY podcast about the video. The following day, he bails.
6/2/19: Tyler explains that he's postponing the podcast appearances until he gets his shit together. Also confirms that he and Sheepover have officially broken up, and that he's moved out to go live alone.
6/18/19: Meatman calls Tyler out for not letting him come onto the podcast with all of his cronies. Tyler responds that he just doesn't care about the drama anymore.
6/22/19: Tyler puts up a new video to explain his side of the story + give updates on his situation. He and Liu have supposedly gotten back together, and he's now threatening to dox Meatman. Meanwhile, our dear leader blasts Tyler for all the bullshit he's peddling.
6/24/19: Liu tweeted about how she's now engaged to Tyler.
7/9/19: New video clarifies that he proposed to Liu out of desperation, but she ended up choosing the 15 year old over him. Ended up breaking down in the shower about it. To add insult to injury, he set up a Tinder account and got 0 matches. As dear leader points out, Tyler didn't realize that swiping right every single time marks you for spam.
7/10/19: New Mad at the Internet stream focusing specifically on Tyler (Mumkey). Arguably one of Dear Leader's best streams yet. Meanwhile, Tyler was planning on streaming with Tommy C at the same exact time as the M@TI stream, but as usual, backed out due to "personal issues." Additionally, there was confirmation from Sheepover in the stream chat about the shit Tyler said to her.
7/17/19: Update from Tyler via Patreon. He has officially "retired" from being a full-time e-celeb and intends to get a real job. Will only make videos as a hobby. Other points brought up can be found summarized here.
7/24/19: Another update from Tyler, this time through YouTube, stating that Liu is no longer with him and that he's going to step back from the internet.
8/19/19: The infamous sex tape between Tyler and Liu finally gets leaked.

Mad at the Internet
Bitchute Archive

Twitter / Archive
FurAffinity / Archive
InkBunny / Archive
Instagram / Screencapture
F-List / Screenshot 1 & 2
Youtube / Archive (The account is southpark775)
DeviantArt / Archive
Toyhouse / Archives
Archive of her "Portfolio"
Telegram / Archive
MEGA Download - Imp Butt's Art Channel.rar
MEGA Download - Imp Butt's NSFW Lounge.rar
Old Pictaro, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Amino, Twitch, and photos provided by @Psicopax here.

Provided by an anonymous insider interviewed by @Gilson

Thanks to @Pham for finding some more of Liu's accounts, to @Psicopax for providing archives of her horifying furry art + other old accounts and photos of her, and to @SimoHayha for providing Tyler's dox.

Special thanks to @Ride for the feedback. Hope I got it right this time.

And phenomenal job on the stream @Null.
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Dec 3, 2018
The girl he fucked sounds like Aydin Paladin. There's nothing chad about that

She sounds more like sh0e imho...not to say that is any better.

Metokur rip-off art coupled with a dude who sounds like a bargain bin Dunkey makes this video really fucking surreal to watch. Like one of those made in China knock-off toys that is just a chimera of several different toys.

I dunno if it is a rip-off as much as it is homage. It was interesting to watch it with CC on.
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Jun 25, 2013
I used to like him for his Elliot Rodger content but of course we're not allowed to discuss anything that isn't enthusiastic unquestioning support of SJW politics or PewDiePie shit.

Even if his content isn't the greatest these days, he didn't deserve to be terminated unfairly as he was. Also, most of his newer content is him bitching at Susan Wojcicki or whatever her dumbass name is to "take down the unfair strike and give me back my channel" and shit.

To be honest, YouTube HQ is ass and they treat people unfairly and play favorites, but really, the rise of Mumkey Jones is over, and he's going toward the fall and decay, just like in his critique of Stupid Mario Brothers.

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