Mumkey Jones / Tyler Millard / Simian Jimmy / @VincentHatesGod & Ashley Simonetti / Liu the Kitty - Unfunny creepy degenerate "le edgy" reviewer cheated on his girlfriend for a pedophile furfag and cries fake sympathy and depression


  • End of July, 2019 [X]

  • End of Summer, 2019 [X]

  • End of year, 2019 [X]

  • End of June, 2020 [X]

  • End of year, 2020

  • End of year, 2021

  • By US Midterms, 2022

  • Birth of a Hater Nation: Mumkey lives forever out of spite

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Maybe Emp quitting was the official reason, but the podcast ending after Mumkey's meltdown began probably wasn't a coincidence. What probably happened was Mumkey went totally MIA so Emp told Rusty that he was done too because he didn't want to do the podcast with just two people, especially since everyone was just going to want them to talk about the Mumkey shit constantly. Then when Mumkey pulled out of his drugged haze and detached from the furry pedo reverse trap, the podcast was already dead and in the ground.
Whatever the reason, the podcast going AWOL is a real shame. Hopefully the next one will bring much tism and laughs.

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Whatever the reason, the podcast going AWOL is a real shame. Hopefully the next one will bring much tism and laughs.
Regardless of what your stance is or if you think any of the dudes on this show are cringe, just remember: they brought us this episode, which is genuinely funny and I still play it often.

TL;DR - Emp comes out as vegan, the other two make fun of him, and he tells a story about how he tried ordering a Taco Bell vegan burrito but the hoodrat clerks kept fucking it up and putting the wrong toppings on it.


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There are so many retards that this could be about. J Aubrey just released a video a few hours ago talking about Bobby Burns who did the same thing.
I wonder how many of these relocation decisions are spurred on by some over-ambitious thotty gf getting their hooks into a recently high-earning content churner?

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You know I'm bad, I'm bad.
Ok, so I listened to the new Trash Rats podcast. It's alright, but I only listen to it because I like Rusty and because I think Mumkey can occasionally still be funny. I think Emp's sperg fests added charm to the SOTY cast, IMO. I was looking forward to hearing Reactor's input tho, because the dude is a national treasure. For anyone who doesn't know, he's Tim Pool's brother and the biggest alpha Chad internet troll there is. He's the guy that helped destroy GradeAunderA's credibility by literally paying money to put ads for his channel in front of Grade's videos, which duped Grade's fans.

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