Mumkey Jones / Tyler Millard / Simian Jimmy / @VincentHatesGod & Ashley Simonetti / Liu the Kitty - Unfunny creepy degenerate "le edgy" reviewer cheated on his girlfriend for a pedophile furfag and cries fake sympathy and depression

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  • End of July, 2019 [X]

  • End of Summer, 2019 [X]

  • End of year, 2019 [X]

  • End of June, 2020 [X]

  • End of year, 2020 [X]

  • End of year, 2021

  • By US Midterms, 2022

  • Birth of a Hater Nation: Mumkey lives forever out of spite

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Nope, that's not what you said and you aren't moving the goalposts. "The bulk of the thread covers a few weeks". Provably untrue. The thread is 283 pages. The first 140 pages is covering the events from JANUARY, when Tyler began fucking Liu, to a third of the way through August. Even if I gave you the, admittedly dumb interpretation of "but the thread was started in late May!", that STILL isn't "a few weeks in June/July". That's literally all of fucking June and July. Do you get 'a few' weeks vacation at work and then skip out for over two full months?
Fine, it was more than a few weeks, it was a few months. I take that back for the sake of accuracy.

Still, doesn't change much. The point was that the opinions expressed in the thread haven't changed all that much.
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If being good was easy the world would be paradise
Not even mumkey gives this much of a shit about himself
Not too sure about that given that he ignored every single reasonable person's advice in the Liu situation, preferring to stick with his own opinion on what was in his best interests. Though I'm not sure if it's thinking too highly of yourself, or not giving a shit about yourself at all in that situation given how self-destructive that course of action ultimately became.

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