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MundaneMatt / Matt Jarbo / Jihadi Jarbo / Deciple87 / Jarbology / The Quarry KingTURN OFF THAT PESKY ADBLOCK; YouTube Gamergater, Anita Sarkeesian A-log; Owner of Kiwi Farms

Discussion in 'Internet Famous' started by chimpburgers, Mar 15, 2016.

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  1. Is that a part of your plan to finally take control of the Farms for your own nefarious purposes of doxing everyone on the internet, including this board, completely untethered from the restrictions placed on you by his oppressive regime?
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  2. wat?
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  3. Not being allowed anywhere near mod powers.
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  4. Matt is lucky he has a kid, forces me to give a fuck about him in a weird way. He needs to get a real job.

    Allsup and I likely aren’t alone in that, so if Matt is smart he will exploit that. But knowing Matt he will totally ruin it by abusing the protection it gives him.
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  5. Here's Zidan with the killshot:

    Keep in mind this came after Matt had spent an hour saying "Dame Pesos doesn't bother me" and "I've only flagged a few people who were directly copying content"
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  6. Even in telling the truth he still lies. When he starts to come clean immediately before the screenshot he says that he hasn't done the things he's been accused of on the KillStream. When Jim was interrogating him earlier the first thing asked of Matt was did he report DamePesos and Matt says "nope" without missing a beat.

    His constant apologies, the suicide talk, that's just to try and make people feel guilty about kicking him when he's down. There's no sincerity there whatsoever.
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  7. Anyone notice that Matt looks like a giant amoeba?
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    oddish itsa me, oddguy

  8. It's kind of impressive that he's managed to go this long and only get like 12 pages until this erupted. I wonder what was going through his mind while he tried to 'play it cool' as he pressed the buttons that would show, undeniably, that he was full of shit.

    Even if this is his moment of drama it's still pretty boring, though.
  9. Matt took the video down, mirror here.
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  10. I haven't watched him in awhile. He's kind of annoying. Although I initially didn't find him that annoying.

    I don't have any sympathy for these types. Get a real job. The Youtube train doesn't run forever unless you're Pewdiepie or someone like that.
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    Dysnomia Bah humbug!

  11. For one of the most red pilled motherfuckers around, he seems awfully upset about this. The funnier thing is they're very right to continue calling him out, he's been nothing but a slime ball to the community like his lying about candid and that free speech con. He won't change and an apology won't cut it anymore.
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  12. Finally finished Ralph's stream and I have to say my theory about Matt destroying his girlfriends car out of anger is becoming more and more believable.

    Think about it, the timeline of events:
    > Matt drama with Kumite/Johnny Fox
    > Kid about to be born
    > Killroy drama
    (All Happening Same Time)

    Then out of no where "Someone" comes to his house ( Which he lives in the middle of the fucking woods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkwMqE0EDOE / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTGlx02tTg4 ) and randomly goes for a joy ride and destroys his girlfriends car for the Holidays.

    My theory is Matt was as he put it on the KillStream "Not in a good head space" and either went on a drinking binge or allowed his anger to get the best of him (Which is now something proven to happen as Matt admitted) and went to blow off some steam. Matt admitted he was suicidal, maybe he attempted to kill himself in the car, but fucked it up and had to come up with an excuse as to why the car was stolen.



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  13. At least he can take pride in knowing that he died on the same show as his beloved Maddox.

    Fortunately, "a coward dies a thousand deaths".

    It's been bandwagoning and whoring out for money since Gamergate.

    Amazing how he's able to continually pick the wrong side and lose out badly. You'd think he would learn to do research considering thats what he got Z-negative celebrity status for.
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    Apoth42 Hehe xd

  14. what an amazing shitshow. I guess Matt Jarbo isn't as mundane as he let's himself on to be :cunningpepe:
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  15. tl;dr
    Matt is a fat lying flagging sack of putrid shit.

    Longer version:
    1. Matt made an old video featuring a polar bear puppet making some (statistically accurate) nigger jokes.
    2. Dug up, Metokur tweets it out, Ralph decides to play the video on his Killstream.
    3. Stream is shoahed instantly, prime suspect is Matt. Stream hosted on a different channel.
    4. Matt joins with Ralph, Zidan, Hapa^3 Allsup, Metokur etc. to "explain himself". Keemstar pops in and out shouting at Matt.
    5. Matt spends 1 hour being a lying sack of shit. Conjures up with idiotic excuses such as "picking up boulders therefore I have no time to flag".
    6. Matt tells people he knows who Dame Pasos is, and his "Soyless Matt Show" whereas in another stream he claims he doesn't know the guy and never flagged him. Lie.
    7. People ask Matt to show his report history.
    8. Matt spends 10+ minutes while everyone else was able to post the screenshot in seconds.
    9. People see the screenshot and his report history. He has reported people from the Kumite, Andy Warski, Dame Pasos, Ralph etc. Another lie.
    10. Matt attempts damage control prefacing shit with "I swear to God". He did the same when he claimed he din report nuffin.
    11. Matt Jarbo "apologises"

    Matt says he's gonna "recalibrate his channel". I think he should just sunset himself.

    He'll need some very thick rope to hang his fat fucking neck and the treebranch better be strong enough too to hang this overgrown fat sack of shit.
    Alternatively he can just get a katana, to his fat belly, it better be sharp enough to cut through all that layers of fat.
    Or the easiest way would be to take a long run off a short cliff. Too bad he'll damage the vegetation underneath, but it's a good price to pay.
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    #315 AltisticRight, Aug 10, 2018
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  16. Best quote of the evening (from Jim): I'm not saying you're setting out to be the biggest cunt on the internet, but that's what my gut is telling me.

    Can he lure a guy into a trap, or what? ROFL.
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    Tackleberry Wields a gun instead of a rifle.

  17. Didn't watch the stream yet, but from reading the comments here, I have to wonder: How self-centered does Matt have to be in order to suicide bait while he has a child? Like what if your partner reads/hears about it?

    Otherwise, I am really looking forward to watching the stream when I get back, sounds like a blast.
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    neural rambunscious boy
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  18. Oh, I forgot to mention the most damning thing from the stream: He watches Rachel Maddow every night. No wonder he believes his gut about Trump being bought be the Russians.
    Which is why this:
    Was such a great slam dunk.
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  19. what neck?
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