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I am not a fan of Jarbo for many reasons but when you get handed your ass by him and somehow come across as a little bitch then I am going to piss on you.

What a disaster!



Matt Jarbo tries to shit on Ethan Ralph. Despite this being an easy task at this point he was widely judged to have failed by people in the designated Ralph shitting thread.

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We all knew it was coming. Matt has officially overplayed the hand.

DLive is basically like Gab. A shitty version of its competitor that people go to when they get banned from the good site (often for no good reason).

Those people skew fringe right, and because no one would use the shit site unless they had to, that comes to dominate the site's offerings, which leads the site admins to cater to the audience that has arrived.

It's not rocket science, yet people like Jarbo and other Redditors are somehow convinced that Nazism is just baked into the DNA of any site that isn't a cucked corporate brand in itself.


What's that Plank? They're hiding in the library?
We all knew it was coming. Matt has officially overplayed the hand.
Did anyone expect differently? Matt is the man who is still trying to hold onto a dead YouTube channel. A man who will constantly rebrand himself and pander to anyone he can to find new views. There was no chance of a redemption arc occurring with him.

I knew the second he got involved with the Ralph shit he was going to try to ride it to a new viewer base. He should have gotten his hits in, had a few laughs and walk away with everyone thinking he's not as bad as Ralph is. Instead he has to simply remind us that he still hasn't changed.

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AR-15's are legal in both Illinois and Wisconsin Matt.

Ok I looked at the video, and it appears that there is defense for the kid, he was assaulted and his attackers were armed. I think he will be at least charged for being a minor assuming that he is really 17.

funny how the man who made like 3 vids a week obsessively defending Zimmerman has shifted so far due to the drop in his views in his shitty videos recorded in his car.
Yeah he did defend a good portion of the early police brutalities that founded blm. But I dont think Kyle should drive all away to the riots just to "defend businesses", but it does seem the guy who got shot in the arm did pointed the gun at him.

Fuck off Matt, even the commies know you are full of shit.
Yeah this redemption arc has gotten him quite bold against right wingers....the people who built his initial success and gave him a second chance. He should take a few chill pills before he ends up defending another female pedophile like 3 years ago.
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