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Somebody asked for brains?
Jarbos defeniton of a movie star is insane. The Rock is not a movie star according to Jarbo cause he dosen´t have a franchise that he appears in sequels in.
I guess Marlon brando is not a a movie star? He wasn´t in any sequels to my knowledge.
Jarbos counter would proably be "Oh but his franchise is the godfather cause everbody remembers him from that"
Everyone knows the rock is in fast and furious, jumanji and that hawaiian disney movie or what ever the fuck.

He also thinks Gal gadot is more famous then the Rock. I have never heard of her, then they mentioned that she apperntly played some gay superhero.
By that logic, Brad Pitt isn't a star.





Matts big brained idea of the day for views is apparently to review a 27 year old movie thats been reviewed to death over the last few decades



Friendly Mexican Ghost
Matts big brained idea of the day for views is apparently to review a 27 year old movie thats been reviewed to death over the last few decades

This thumbnail is the reason why all the talks about "Matt turning things around" are fucking pointless. And I have an urge to change the poster to "Cuties" for a better effect

Boulder talk radio isn´t that bad until he gives poltical takes. They are the most mind numbing liberal ones i have ever seen. One of the marks of a lolcow is not being able to shut the fuck up when needed.
Jarbos hottake that all covids deaths are on the current leader in charge of a country is crazy. I guess people don´t have any agency? Even me as a guy who sees covid as a failure of the establisment wouldn´t blame all deaths on the people in charge.


RIP Imageepoch.
If you engage in gay-ops, you die by gay-ops. He opened himself up to this shit when he revealed how much of a flaggot he was.
I still believe there's a scale of faggotry between internet jobs and real jobs. Fucking with him IRL to own him after his internet career crashed and burned is still a bit much, as much as Matt is diet MarzGurl in terms of charisma vacuum.


Friendly Mexican Ghost
Matt is a ginormous fag made of bad takes, but doing these kinda gay-ops seem kinda unnecessary.
Should've just quit the internet, like everyone suggested. I mean, even before that there was nothing to salvage. You fuck with people's income, don't cry if someone's gonna fuck with yours afterwards.

Also, if he really was fired from Uber Eats, that's just proves my point - this is the shittiest job possible, not something you choose, when you have to take care of your family. And as far as I know, Matt was doing that since that fateful stream from two years ago.

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