Murdoch Murdoch's website shut down -

Based or cringe?

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New article on the jews every single day for 1m
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I tried that was alright I guess.
The thing I liked about them the most was the amount of care they put into the show. Yeah, their "animation" was a bit shit but it was worlds better than it had any right to be, being made by some goofass fascists, and pretty imaginative at times.
My favorite episodes were Cruel Fate of Kekistan, the one with Sargon, and The Wander's Choice.


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i honestly didn't know it was a legit website, i just thought it was a place they rehosted their shows and had a merch page, like an early 2000s website. i was a pretty big fan, but a combination of them running out of material and slow uploads made it feel pretty meh. also like half of the last dozen episodes are some inspirational bullshit. having said that, i would love a poster of Dr.Pierce with that case of monster. that would have been spammed on reddit by tons of people by now. Its such a great image to trick idiots into upvoting. "my grandpa introduced me to gaming with Doom, here's him getting ready to play the new doom eternal with a case of his "gamer fuel""


Yes, but also no.
Hopefully cheekyvids sticks around, at the rate things are getting sanitized it may not be very long though.


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its a show for dumbfuck larpers to jerk off to the redhead bitch and to act like there part of a revolution. good riddance because anyone who cares about the stuff they say doesnt find this autistic shit funny. watch there next moves will most likely reflect this.

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My favorite episode is Against Time. It gives me feels every time.

So long as Cheeky is still uploading they are safe for now. Its sad to see that site go. Maybe they can get an Alt-Censored channel