Music that is the audio equivalent of shitposting -


do you see what happens
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The Stones delivered this as their last single for Decca as a fuck you. Decca refused to release it.

Decca got the last laugh, though, dumping a greatest hits collection called Stone Age on the market simultaneously with their next album to fuck them over.

Not just the song but the album in general screams tryhard and cringe coming from a guy who wasn't big in a little under a decade releasing this in fucking 1993 post LA riots and Nirvana.


do you see what happens
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This which was invented just to create the most unlistenable monstrous abortion of music ever created, a completely unpleasant mess of instrument torture, dissonant nonsense, and screaming and yelling recorded in a mental institution for the criminally insane. I've listened to the entire thing exactly once and a minute or two every once in a while when I feel like listening to absolute audio shit.


do you see what happens
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These are three songs in the tradition of saying fuck you to a contract the artist was unhappy with, by enormous dickhead Van Morrison, one of the biggest douchebags in music. He wrote 31 of these in total and delivered them as an album.


"You're a hard bitch"
A lot of this music I'm about to post is case of me actually enjoying uninronically; a lot of speedcore/noise music would probably fall under "neo-sincerity."
Passenger of Shit makes good speedcore, rap, and noise, all under his personal umbrella term "crapcore."
Maruosa makes a lot of great content for shock value, and there are other Japanese artists like him that mix metal and Jcore.
Also might as well drop some music by a guy who regularly "shitposted" anonymously IRL all the time by pretended to live in a chicken coop raised by chickens.

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