Music that is the audio equivalent of shitposting -


Standing in the school hallway.
Girl Scout-themed Village People spoof parodying both "YMCA" for the verses and "In the Navy" for the choruses.
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This is "You Mean I'm Not?" by the Black Sheep. It is a parody song about gangster rap, which was first becoming popularized at the time this album was released. The lyrics read like something out of 4Chan's /tendie/ squad.

Woke up, didn't choke up
Saw my AK, it was broke up
Put it together like a jigsaw
Got my nine, and my Rambo knife off the floor
Went to the bathroom, and beat the rush
Yo, who the fuck used my toothbrush?
Went to my sister's room, yo bitch, wake up
You stupid ass, dirty ass, nasty ass slut
Shot her in the leg, shot her in the thigh
Kick her in the pussy and punched her in the eye
Slapped her in the head, stepped on her corns
Don't fuck with mine bitch, word is bond
Went downstairs to eat wit my folks
Ma, you broke my fuckin egg yolk!
Punch her in the chest, cut on her cheek
Then I did a sweep, knocked the bitch off her feet
Knee to the pussy, kick to the skull
AK yo I shot the bitch in the temple
Pops got mad cause mom got licked
I didn't give a fuck so I shot him in the dick
Hungry as fuck, said my grace
Pop kept screamin so I shot him in the face
Ate my food, found my coat
Mailman came so I cut his motherfuckin throat
Waitin for the motherfuckin school bus!!

Edit to Add - In the same album there is an instrumental track named, "For doz that slept". It's a 4 or 5 part hip hop instrumental built around classical music, funk and various samples of people chanting "FUCK YOU" in unison.

That's it. "Fuck you" for 2:30.
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Good to see some Zappa, AxCx and S.O.D./M.O.D. in here. Also some good showings from Serbian turbofolk artists, though I don't really consider that shitposting. Just good fun music. Anyone who's a fan of Anal Cunt should check out Seth Putnam's other great project, 'Impaled Northern Moonforest', which is arguably the best acoustic grim black metal band around. Their music is still available for download on Soulseek.

Anyway- basically anything by Peter Steele of Type O Negative and Carnivore is great. I especially like the Carnivore stuff, from before he was doing the goth thing, and posing for Playgirl. Male Supremacy, Jesus Hitler, U.S.A. for U.S.A, all great stuff.

Warren Zevon- many good examples, 'Excitable Boy' being a great one, and this song.. the only one where ol' Warren's ethnic heritage really comes out, but it's a great one regardless.

Demoniac- most of whose members would later be involved in founding DragonForce- did a great job of creating fun music- especially this song, and Niggerslut.

Maggots on a Train v2

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Hope my timestamp works.
20:35 The Heart of Rock n Roll is to Profit
24:39 They Aren't the World
Still as relevant today as 30 years ago.

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"Slob on my knob
Like corn on the cob
Check in with me, and do your job
Lay on the bed, and give me head
Don't have to ask, don't have to beg."
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