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I think the music video to Sicko Mode (despite Travis Scott being downright garbage) has some absolute amazing editing and has to be one of the best videos of 2018. What videos do y'all think have amazing effects/editing?
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I have a few.

Just damn mad editing and colouring. Very intense.

It was written by the lead singer pleading with his brother to talk about their father's death back in 2002. Apparently after his death lil bro went silent and never spoke of it again.

Same Artists as above, the music video is about the same father's death, using a dog to represent the cancer that killed their dad.

If you can do magic eye this video is amazing:

Also this catchy mfker

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I like the editing in the music video for The Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore.
More of the way they go from one transition to another of the rooms in one take.
(Technically NSFW since Billy walks by a porno scene being filmed for a second.)
And this:

The fact that they got all that done in one take is why I'm listing it.
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