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Growing up, your parent(s) had their weird music. You ignored or made fun of it, but as you get older, you start to recall it fondly (or not -- maybe mom and dad music makes you want to kill babies). This thread is for the music your fam/parents/guardians/orphanage played when you were a kid that is stuck in your stupid skull (for better or worse)?!

For me, my parents adored Sarah Brightman. I couldn't give a fuck as a kid, but now as an adult, I adore the music:

Also, my dad was a 70s/80s rock fanatic (too many to pick, but first I thought of):

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my mom was obsessed with kate bush and got me into punk and metal. she also got me into prog like genesis and yes. im very thankful for growing up with all that.
my dad loves disco and bob seger........very dad of him. i like disco but i hate bob seger.

i have grown to love old jazz singers and motown. smokey robinson and the miracles, the shangrilas, june christy and billie holiday, love it all.

my grandma has wet dreams about sinatra. old blue eyes is classic and no one should hate that shit.

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Gretchon Wilson or however the fuck you spell that cunt's name.

I hate country music. I have always hated country music. I hated that fucking CD so god damn much that I started putting a scratch on the disk one day at a time. Eventually it was unplayable and when my mom popped the disk out, I threw it out the car going 80mph on the highway so I never had to hear it again.

Best part of that road trip. Will not fucking miss that shit.


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My old man liked to play classic rock whenever he drove me and my brother to places. It was sprinkled in with modern music at the time of course, but I'll always feel nostalgic for the days when I'm on a road trip with him and we're listening to stuff like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Guns 'N' Roses, ect.

On the other hand, he and my mom listened to a lot of country music too, and I do not care for that genre one bit.

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Had to listen to a lot of 80s and 90s country on drives growing up. Not a fan of the genre but I can at least tolerate that era of country.

My dad was also a classic rock fan and introduced me to bands like Zeppelin, Rush and still my favorite band of all time Jethro Tull

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My mother was a huge fan of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Played it constantly.

And for some reason, Melanie.

As horrifying as it actually was, mom would always dance whenever this played.

Dad, on the other hand, never listened to music. He'd just yell at me to "Turn that shit down!" whenever I was rocking to the Grassroots, Grand Funk Railroad, or Steppenwolf.


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90s Country and K-LOVE. And then my parents gave me a Panasonic CD / MP3 CD / AM / FM player (sl-sv570) one Christmas and I discovered bit torrent. That basically helped me develop my own music tastes. They did listen to a few non country / religious folks. They introduced me to Pink Floyd (DSOTM). And my dad did play The Car's Greatest Hits a lot when I was a kid. Not so much after got into middle school.
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I guess my parents were the opposites music wise. My dad liked heavier shit like napalm death, Metallica, black flag, whatever, and is actually the reason I’m into thrash and punk to this day I think.

my mom liked Christian music like Toby Mac and skillet (it’s all she would play in the god damn car) it’s not as bad as I remember but it’s still pretty damn annoying.


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Just one of the many reasons for the divorce:

..and no, I'm not shitting on dream pop. Cockteau twins are fucking dire though.

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Also this fucking turd:

Fuck "Thee Headcoats". "This is hip"??? More like "This is fucking gay".


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Classical music and New Age musicians especially Yanni: she almost worships his humanitarianism and once when I mentioned one "SNL" sketch calling him "The Greek God of Music!!", she didn't find it funny and disregarded the YouTube clip.
And Kitaro. To the point that she went to VEVO, that only had 1 live Kitaro performance played for more than 2 hours. And she didn't believe me that we were in possession of a CD. And her goal is to attend his concert.

And you Kiwis questioned why I once had a tag "Hates Kitaro".

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Freaky Friday 2: Electric Boogaloo
These entire albums ,and other spanish songs by other spanish artists like them.

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My parents listened to a lot and I mean a lot of Spanish ballads and romance singers i.e. Julio Iglesias, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernández, while I was growing up. All the time at my house, in the car, wherever. Fuck I hate latin music.