Music your Parents [in(directly)] forced you to Listen to -

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Yeah, I'm not well-versed in rockabilly either, but that's the sort of stuff! The Rythym Rockers song I think I've heard before, but there's so, sooo much rockabilly floating around, and to be brutally honest, it all sounds the same to me, lol.

Don't want to shit up the thread with too much rockabilly, but some of the more memorable tracks:

These two bands were more my speed. So of course Maw and Paw Snek never played them...
I recall that little red song from some Brazilian no-name 60's beat combo group, Honey Don't was covered by a big guy over here, Not sure who's the original composer for that Little Red. These are decent grooves, it's surprising how much music was done back then and never saw success.

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Grew up listening to deftones, radiohead, and a bunch of other similar artists thanks to my dad. My mother was always listening to boy band shit like otown and backstreet boys. That music still makes me cringe to this day.

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Just a few from the top of my head:

From dad: ACDC. Not complaining.

From mom: Steely Dan. Not complaining here, either.

From both: Hootie and the Blowfish. I've listened to the songs from Cracked Rear View so much from long car trips, they're ingrained into my brain.


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My dad got me into some good stuff like Gary Moore, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton and CCR - he inspired me to pick up a guitar and play those songs. Sadly he also loves Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, neither of whom I can fucking stand. When his car got broken into and the stereo stolen, I actually celebrated because his copy of "Graceland" was in the tape deck and I'd get a break from it. It's the most smug, pretentious, boring album I've ever heard and I like prog.

My mum was into some really good bands - The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, ELO. Sadly, those bands didn't make the cut on the mix tape she had in the car 24/7/365 and which would play on the way to and from school every day for about 5 years. For 5 years I had to suffer garbage like the Carpenters, Neil Sedaka and Don Fucking McClean who wrote "Vincent", a song that contains more whining and narcissistic self-pity in 5 minutes than the Used's entire discography. (It's a song about Vincent van Gough, well actually it's about Don McClean comparing himself to van Gough because Vincent was a tortured, misunderstood artist JUST LIKE MEEEEE and it makes me want to reach through the speakers and slap him). Also Fred Astaire can fuck off, I'm sure he was a really good dancer, but 1) I don't give a shit about ballroom dancing and 2) you can't even see the fucking dancing on a worn C90 tape.

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Growing up in a Mexican household: ugly polka music.

I don’t hate it anymore like I did in the past but am indifferent to it now.

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Man my dad was a huge fan of the Beach Boys. I vaguely remember listening to Kokomo or some shit when I was like six or seven years old.

Sometime within the last decade, I dropped acid and put on Pet Sounds. Holy shit, dad was right!