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Sweeney Todd (Anjela Lansbury was the best Mrs. Lovett)

Musical movie so I don't know if you want to count it, but I really like Phantom of the Paradise as well.
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Book of Mormon was surprisingly funny.

Beyond that the only one I remember seeing was West Side Story. Not bad, good score.


I saw Avenue Q last week. It’s good, and some of the songs are more relevant than ever.

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What musicals do you like and what is one you'd suggest someone to see?
I am an unapologetic shill for The Drowsy Chaperone. Its one of the few Broadway musicals I went to that actually exceeded my expectations (the other two were Putnam County Spelling Bee and the first time I saw Fiddler on the Roof). Chaperone is one of those musicals that has to be seen to be believed (in a venue that stages it right), because the soundtrack does not do it justice.

When I'm in a listening mood, I usually stick with the classics:

You're never going to hear an orchestra like that in a modern musical.

And there's this, which might just be the coolest musical-related thing on youtube:

edit: might as well just throw this up here

The oddest Sondheim collaboration.
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Hunchback Of Notre Dame (broadway version) is one of my favorite musicals. I wish it had gotten more play on the stage.


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I've been a fag for the original London production of The Phantom of the Opera since I was a toddler. I'm also really into the Book of Mormon, RENT (the movie version more, funny enough), Mamma Mia!, and Wicked.

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