Music’s Road Crews Are Overwhelmingly White and Male. Meet the People Trying to Change That - Black people and women not doing enough of the work nobody wants to do

Croan Çhiollee

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Jul 22, 2019
As someone who has done roadie work both for festivals and touring bands I can honestly say that it takes a certain kind of person to do the job.
Do you want to stay awake for 24+ hours and work in the rain? What about loading trucks at 4am? Spend 3 weeks away from home, either sleeping in the van or cheap motels with people you can't stand and get paid badly for the privilege?
Unless you're really into the music chances are that you'll say no.
A lot of women wouldn't want the job, because there's no privacy or even daily showers. If you're into the hip hop "lifestyle" you won't want to do it, because it's anything but glamorous.
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Mar 5, 2018

I wonder who decided on that term as the one to use when referring to the great chimpout of 2020? It certainly wasn't organic imo.


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Mar 11, 2017
I knew a guy who was a roadie for Van Halen in the 70s. White hippie. Looked like Tommy Chong. His name was even Tommy. This is the image I think of when I think of roadie. Not black tranny. The roadies I see in documentaries don't look like that either.

I'm sure there are LGB roadies but their entire identity in life is not about their sexual preference. The people in this article seem to want to pull the "Have I told you I'm trans today" card as part of their work uniform.

I thought the end goal of being free to be out was that you would be treated as normal without being persecuted? We don't need to know you are LGBTRSTLNE every waking minute. I would think it would get to be really obnoxious when you have to travel with the same group of people for months on end and put up with pissy celebrities and annoying fans.

Trannies hate to work anyway. And posting on social media is a full time job. Hire a bunch of troons to move and set up your gear and sooner or later you are going to have an "muh transphobia!" conflict that will drag everyone's name through the mud because someone forgot to call the 6'5" 350 lb bearded giant in a dress "Ma'am".

It's gonna be hard enough on smaller acts as the pandemic continues to destroy their livelihood.