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My 2019 starting weight 1/06/2019

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by StyrofoamFridge, Jan 6, 2019.

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How many pounds is Amberlynn, actually?

  1. A dainty 560 lbs

    12 vote(s)
  2. Like around 575 lbs

    99 vote(s)
  3. Round ol' 600 lbs

    182 vote(s)
  1. The hinges on that door are the real MVP, poor things.
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    Whale Watcher

    Whale Watcher Mental things is scary

  2. I still wonder what really happened to damage the car door last summer.
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  3. I think you know it wasn't a hate crime.
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  4. I thought she bought all those shirts because they were costs from Big Al. I didn't realize she outgrew the old ones. I am such a dunce. That poor gorl.
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  5. Someone should ask her. It's been long enough that she's probably forgotten the "hate crime" cover story, and I'm curious as to what explanation she'd invent this time. If, of course, it ever happened at all.
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  6. The amount of weight that Becks has put on is unbelievable! Has no one in her family noticed or said anything? My family would hold an intervention if I gained almost 100lbs in such a short amount of time.

    Becky has gone from a gainfully employed independent person in a stable home to a unemployed, codependent, Stay-Puft manbaby.

    How no one is ringing the alarm bells is beyond me. Where are Becky's friends or former coworkers? Has she become completely isolated in Hamber's gravitational field?
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    ChickenGetYoChickenHere! Oompah Loompah Prison Guard

  7. Her family is a bunch of semi-rural Kentucky hillbillies. Fat is a way of life there. Lots of people don't work. Her family is probably thrilled that she latched on to such a wealthy dreamboat as Amberlynn.
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    Dutch Courage

    Dutch Courage Curious Onlooker

  8. I personally doubt they have. I just have a feeling after a few times of dealing with Amber they're cutting ties sadly.
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  9. How can she still stand? How can her legs still support her body?
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    Uterus Burns

    Uterus Burns Painful menopause

  10. She can't stand for more than 15 minutes at a time.
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  11. Have we ever seen Becky's family in a video?
    I agree that ALR seems almost like a catch in comparison to the other potential lesbians that Kentucky has to offer.

    Also though, I think Becky's own personality has to come into play a bit when it comes to how much success her family expects of her & her relationships. Let's face it, even if Kentucky was overflowing with hot, thin LA lesbians, Becky would not have a shot at anyone very far off from her own body type & mental level.
    Compound that with the fact that she dresses like a preteen boy and her only hobbies are colouring, playing games on her phone & watching cartoons, and you've got a classic case of "oh god, will our daughter EVER find a partner?".
    At least, if I were Becky's parent, I would certainly be afraid of as much.

    Having found someone to put up with her at all may well be enough for them.
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    Whale Watcher

    Whale Watcher Mental things is scary

  12. We've seen them. They turn up in holiday and summertime videos a lot. They seem nice enough, but they really are pretty much what one would expect them to be.
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    Dutch Courage

    Dutch Courage Curious Onlooker

  13. One of her vlogmas vids was her at Becky's relative's house. I can't remember if the girl was her cousin or her sister, but she's young and not overweight.

    A woman that I'm sure is Becky's sister has been in a vid. She's fat, but not a deathfat (her husband is, though).

    Pretty sure her mom is fat too.
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  14. The Thumbs mother was in a video from (I think) October, possibly November. Anyway, it's the one where all four housemates were at the craft fair thingy and Thumb mom was selling the wreaths she made. She misspelled "crafty" as "crafy" or something like that on her sign......Big Al showed Thumb mom's facebook....

    Her name is Norma and she didn't look particularly fat to me....she also didn't seem exceptional so I figure she must have bounced little Thumby on her head a lot as a child.....would also explain the out of kilter face....
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    marjoram I'm a jerk feline

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