My bad poetry 04/25/20 -


I'm a jerk feline
True & Honest Fan
Fuck me.....5 minutes, I lasted 5 minutes then I had to bail. This was the most godawful, painful video she's put out in awhile. And you can tell she's just sooo proud of herself, she still thinks she's the best poet she's ever read--considering it's a contest between her own shit and Trisha she may be right.
This "writerlynn" bullshit makes me wanna gag--it is an offense to every actual writer everywhere at any time. Cave people scratching pictographs on the wall where leagues more talented than the behemoth.

Turd Fergusson
Is she just a depression update channel now?
Yes!!!!! At first, it was a weight loss channel, but she gained weight. Then, it was a “eat with me” channel, but almost no one want to see her cook and eat. Then, she became the lifestyle channel, but she ended up house bound and the Torrid clothing did not fit her anymore. Finally, she is now the “meh mental” channel where she joyfully switches between depression, panic attack, PTSD, etc depending of the phases of the moon, or how much food is in the freezer, or whatever.

Erins Wifey

What cereal is that?
Jesus Christ on toast..... I couldn’t do it. I was scrolling for a spoiler. I was also scrolling for the enigmatic, glittery, “Go cry somewhere else, lol”... I will return, later, when both of these things are here. Before I go, I would like to take a shot at being a super fantabulous poet, like our gorl!
Roses are red
Ambers poem is horrid
Will she just wear bedsheets
When she can’t fit in Torrid?

Misaki Nakahara

Don't hate just 'cause you dilate
Like a monster truck
Over-inflated tires
Leaking fluids and gas.

show legs, not sonnets.
My legs they are bloated and purple and bruised
And much like my treadmill, are no longer used
My face it is round, yet somehow still flat
A jawline long hidden beneath all my fat
My ass has a shelf! What a curious sight!
The haydurs, they mock me and laugh at my plight
You must understand that this isn't my fault
Now watch as I eat some more sugar and salt