My cunt wife and mother of my children is cheating on me.... what say you? -

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Where the fuck is my GUN!?
Obviously I’m not a cuckold. I filed for divorce the next day after I found out but I still need to live in the house with her and the kids for the optics. I don’t want her to get custody of them because her job requires her to be out of the state 3-4 days a week.... that’s why she has a boyfriend in Atlanta and we live in California. She has been accusing me of cheating on her since June/July with the 20 year old girl next door at work. I didn’t even know that fucking girls name at the time. Looking back now... she was talking to this dude at this time. I’m not even mad that she’s got a boyfriend, she is the worst fuck I’ve ever had. Good luck dude (side note, 3 years into our marriage she showed up from out of state work with herpes. Me being dumb believed her it was dormant from her youth. LAMO). She was my best friend for 14 years.. That’s where I’m struggling.

This cunt is making my life miserable in the mean time. She transfered all of my vehicles out of our name and into hers only. She took $30,000+ out of our line of credit on our house. I have no vehicle to drive, I’m borrowing vehicles like a fucking high schooler. Shes squeaking about money, that I’m not doing enough around the house when she’s gone... For example, the weekend after I found out about her boyfriend she went back to Atlanta and left me a chores list to do while she was sucking his dick for 4 days. lamo, ya I’ll get on that whore.

Now its not all doom and gloom in my world. I ended up taking that 20 year old out on a date last week and we’re going out again tonight. Going from a fat, mother of 2 with gigantic legs (no knee caps, no ankles) to a 20 year old who fucking weights 90 lbs soaking wet has been amazing. The 20 year old is into some crazy ass shit (choking, spitting, slapping) so it’s been a wild fucking ride. The dating pool for a single dad of 2 who is in his mid 30s is pretty shitty so... It’s also weird as fuck because... its like “yo we need some more rum, can you stop... oh wait that’s right”. Luckily the conversation isn’t weird other than normal 20 year old drama with her friends which doesn’t bother me because we kind of connected on a base level and I just like spending time with her. Fuck me, this girl is trouble.

ANYWAYS “SIR THIS IS KIWI FARMS”. Ya ya, my question to my favorite faggots on the internet is... what can I do to make my soon to be fat ex wife life miserable while I’m living here? We have 2 kids and I will not fuck up my chance of keeping them. But small thing that will make my fat ex hate it here and want to leave.

Love you all, miss you all.


Ass Napkins.
This boils down to "Never get marrried" which is decent advice.

But also:
1. Hire a lawyer to get the cars back.
2. Consult lawyer about possibly freezing your credit, to see if that's a good idea since she's running it up.
3. Document everything.
4. If you want to make the fat bitch miserable, do the grocery shopping. Buy fresh veggies and lean protein. Toss the junk food, snacks and soda. Buy a good set of dumbbells and a bench. Keep them in whatever room she spends the most time in. Fucking improve yourself in front of her.
I’m married but my accounts are mine and hers are hers. It ain’t the 50s no more, she can open her own lines of credit and loans and whatnot


Where the fuck is my GUN!?
Day 2 update

All of this shit started back in the beginning of November. We both have lawyers. I was served two days ago with the usual she wants full custody, she wants me to pay for her lawyer costs and she wants the house.

She called me yesterday afternoon crying. Said she isn’t working this weekend anymore (this is a lie, she was never working. She was going to Atlanta to get some dick. Boyfriend must have told her to fuck off) and she didn’t want to talk to our kids tonight about us splitting up. Here’s the catch, she had a date at 7:30 last night. I got home, she Is being cunty and we end up telling the kids because she wants to get it over with. That went fine (they’re both under 5) and she dipped out on her date while I snuggled in bed with my kids. Bitches are crazy my guys.

She mentioned to me in annoyance she’s going to take care of the cars today. i know my lawyer and hers have been fighting about getting them put back into both of our names because she transferred them after she filed. For all of you non Freedom Loving country fags the day you file for a divorce here in ’murica (California) everything you own is under a restraining order. Nothing can be transferred out of either of our names. The best thing about California is they don’t see gender (Yaniv would love it here) so I’ve got a good shot of getting custody of the kids just because of her job.

Got a date tonight with the 20 year old. Weird as fuck because i have no place to take her. I don’t even own a vehicle to fuck her in Lmao. Guess were heading back to the shop and fucking floor? 20 year olds like doing that right? Fucking yikes.

I’m going to spoiler this part because it’s guy talk about cars, you internet dorks don’t need to read it if you don’t want to.
My main vehicle is a 04 GMC Sierra 2500 Duramax. Two days after I found out she was fucking this other guy I got in the truck and drove to AZ to spend time with me family. When I was gone she transferred the truck and my Volkswagen into her name only. I stupidly set the titles up as OnlyFacingRear OR MissOnlyFacingRear. She didn’t need my signature. On my drive back my EGR vacuum pump shit the bed and it was making all kinds of bad noises. I limp it to the shop and put a new one on there. I did not know this was her truck at this time. The next week I went to AAA to pay the tags and I couldn’t because the truck is in her name now. I said thank you to the AAA lady and went back to the shop. Wrote that dumb bitch a $743 bill to diag, remove and replace the vacuum pump. Marked the part up 40% because fuck her. ANYWAYS, she also needs to smog the truck to get it into her name. The truck has a tuner and no cat, there’s no fucking way it’ll pass smog here in Cali ever, legally. I told her that you’ll need to pay the registration, smog the truck before it’s officially yours. Also told her it wont pass because of the missing catalytic converter and tune. The dealer does not sell catalytic converters for 16 year old diesel trucks. BUUUTTTT I’ve got a lightly used exhaust sitting up in the rafters of the shop that I’ll sell ya for $2,000 plus installation. Seething is a good way to put how she looked.


Where the fuck is my GUN!?
Don't know nor care if this is a copypasta.
If it is real, i'm sorry about your ex-wife cheating.
I'd personally suggest taking a break from dating, don't throw yourself back out there immediately. It can end up worse.
For now, work on the divorce, and make sure your children are alright. They matter the most.
It’s real.

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated my Kiwi diary

Dear Diary,

I got served divorce paperwork last week sometime. She filed super bare bones shit, she wants me to pay all attorney costs, she wants spousal and child support and she wants custody of the kids. My attorney is going to respond this week with everything that I want. I’ve gone through all of my finances and thought of every big purchase that we made. Split that shit 50/50 cunt.

On Friday morning she was being a total bitch about me working Saturday. Had a customer who needed something that can only be done Saturday and she told me “the kids are yours on the weekend, bro”. Cool, thanks chief. Friday night I get home from work and she’s being SUPER fucking nice. Like, I don’t like this. Put the kids to bed and we start talking. She is answering all of my questions. Nothing I didn’t know but hearing it from her is different I guess? Then she starts begging me to work it out, she wants to have sex no strings attached. She sits on my lap and is stroking my hair. I guess her and the boy toy are no more (she said she’s not talking to him) and now she needs attention. FUCK THAT.

So yeah, life sucks. But here we are.

Austrian Conscript 1915

Ayyy lmao
left me a chores list to do while she was sucking his dick for 4 days. lamo, ya I’ll get on that whore.
Yeah, you probably would
Now its not all doom and gloom in my world. I ended up taking that 20 year old out on a date last week and we’re going out again tonight.
If this is real, and this is what you're doing, then part of the problem is you dog. You're still thirty and you have your whole entire life ahead of you. Learn from this not to deal with whores who would take the pp of another man. Your first mistake was being friends with a woman for 14 years and not making any moves, although this whole story is kind of whimsical, hard to believe etc. so I don't really know. But it was funny either way