My Diagnosis Situation Type Deal | Vlogmas Day 9 - 12/9/19

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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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Mar 29, 2019

Twinkie Stor is in a lot of pain and there are no 24 hour vets around. (Seriously?)

Amber is cryeeen about Twinkie so no make up.

D&D is still there.

I think today is vlogmas day 9 - involuntarily sticks out tongue

At Wommart AGAIN on the scootypuff:

Becky is looking like the pinnacle of happiness:

She picks up this pillow and exclaims Livveeeennn

Her skin discoloration around her mouth is getting worse:

The bra is still there. That right cup is still hoooldeen on y'all:

Amber likes one pillow that is part of a two-pack and she doesn't like the other. She buys it anyway. What happened to TJMaxx saverlynn?
She decided to put the pillows back. Good for you gorl.

Presented without comment:

But Amber, we just ate MACDONALDSSS also check out the two ladies in the back enjoying the freak show:

I wonder when Benzy is going to dye her hair blonde? Got to look like Dusty.

Our gorl got a "chest-shire" cat mug:

Look at that dainty side profile:

Pointerlynn is back (my favorite lynn):

As Amber is talking about her diagnosis, she does a random cleavage shot:

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Hamberlard Raid

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Nov 25, 2018
  • Twankie was acting different last night
  • she was not jumping on anyone yesterday
  • she could not walk on her bed, she was in a lot of pain she was shaking
  • Hamber was cryeen so hard you guys
  • she is angery that there are no 24hr vet situation type deals
  • she does not like seeing her in pain
  • she wants the vet to make her feel better
  • D & D are still here
  • we are back at Wermmert looking at cyuuute Chritmas pillows
  • people are shoving candles in Hamber's face when she is scooting about
  • she has no idea what the design of the pillows are, but she wants to buy them anyway
  • going to get Twinkie some joint relief treats
  • she does not know if a bottle labelled "Hip & Joint" is for hips or joints
  • went to Chilli's for the friend situation type deal
  • she got more Disney mugs for her chili soups
  • the small fish bowls are "the perfect size"
  • another ham hock sighting, THE FUCKING DECOR

  • they put the "hole fillers" on top of the window
  • health talk: why is she on so many antibiotics?
  • she has been opening up to a sub about her health situation
  • she no longer has to use the mattress
  • she remembers a point "pivotally", she was in the living room sitting on the mattress with everyone and while everyone was feeling cold, she was burning up
  • she got cold from her layyyygs spread on the hardwood floor
  • she got incredibly cold, and piled blankets on herself
  • her temperature creeped up on her, because she is a big gorl, you have to be careful because you could dah
  • the "White cell" count was high
  • she has a ton of bacteria in her blood, pee, and mucus
  • she had a severe bladder infection
  • her little toenail caught on the mattress and she bled everywhere
  • Becky almost fainted, Destiny played surgeon and removed the toenail
  • she tried to keep the toe really clean but failed
  • the bottom of her leg was super red and hot, she assumed it was severe cellulitis
  • the bladder infection was a coincidence
  • she got "a bacteria" in her toe
  • skinny people get cellulitis too
  • the bladder infection is still very severe, and it is not getting better
  • "a lot of girls get it too"
  • she knows exactly what the comments are going to say
  • comment of the day y'all: two days in one
  • yesterday:
    • cherry picking the nice comments with obvious jump cuts, more hypocrisy, more playing the victim
    • it is a swollen situation type deal thing
  • today:
    • "your guys's problem with me and my ex is like the weirdest thing ever"
    • your hair is extremely dry and damaged, you need to get it fixed professionally
    • Eric is so shady gorl, omg yas queen
    • "D and D hung out with her because they are behind on rent"
      • actuallllyyyyyy, D and D pay for my dinner sometimes boo, you know nothing about us

The lights are on, but no one is home.
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Dec 14, 2017
She felt so bad leaving Twinkie that she scooted around Wal Mart for the 7th time this week and went out to eat.

She is in pain because she a) has nails that are curling into the pads of her paws and b) is fat as fuck! If her joints are aching its because shes fat as fuck!

Her diagnosis is bladder infection cuz she is a filthy bitch and toe infection that turned into cellulitis fucking ew.

John McAfee

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Sep 6, 2015
You know where might they might have a 24 hour emergency vet? A major city...... like Lexington...... You know what a caring compassionate pet owner with no responsibilities or accountability do? Drive an hour to said vet at night because what else are you going to fucking do with your time that is more valuable?

Fuck off Amber.

Aug 18, 2019
She'll happily go two hours away for Cheesecake Factory, but go even 30 minutes away for a 24 hour or sunday vet for twinkie, a living creature who is, according to amber, in severe pain? Waaahhh so worried about TwinkieStor... ok, let's go to wommart and a sodium palace for lunch.

I was interested in her story about her diagnosis, and not only because she managed to find at least three ways to pronounce antibiotics. Doesn't she realize people are watching to see the life of a nearly 600lb person? The gluttony AND the aftermath. Makes me lol how easily she lies though - even though I know she's a lahing lahr- "oh just going to a doctor for a cold y'all. nothing to see here, keep drinking my nyquil and dayquil. It's all good and normal"

May 1, 2018
How many years have people warned her that keeping that dog overweight and not cutting their nails (which makes them change their gait, putting pressure on the wrong places) could cause her pain and to have arthritis? She still refused to maintain the dog's nails and put her on a diet. Also, no 24/hr vet there, so, she'll travel 1.5-2 hrs regularly for a food dish she likes, but not her dog who is in extreme pain?

Disclaimer, did not watch, but read the summary.