My Diagnosis Situation Type Deal | Vlogmas Day 9 - 12/9/19

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Amber from the Vlog for today: 12/10/19
"So we took Twinkie to da vet and da vet said it's probably just a pulled muscle and there is nothing to do but give her a lil baby aspirin that we hafta pick up at wommart. And the vet said she was probably shakeen from worry but not pain so you guise were wrong liiiiiike Twinkie is fine, and people are sayeen in da comments that there were vets opened like 30 mins away... like whuuuuuuuut? Twinkie HAS a vet that we go to and they dont HAAAAAVE those hours so liiiike we had to wait Liiike I'm a great furmama I would lidurally die for my babies, so I dont know why people are sayeeen Im a bad furmama, everyone in the house tells me how good I am with the animals so you guise dont know what you are talkeen about"

Pretty much all the commentary was about the dog (of course), but that little insult to viewers at the end of this vid in response to COTD - her snotty "you guise don't know what you're talking about" - was something I found to be pretty damn funny, considering what people know about her is what she posts.

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Some mean MBP comments

Ambers fecal incontinence situation.jpg

We've known for a while that our gorl is killing herself, but the health problems were theoretical in the sense that we knew they were brewing but they hadn't truly manifested themselves yet.
Now she's fighting two concurrent infections and her body seems unable to defeat them even with the help of antibiotics. It could be the beginning of a bad spiral if the UTI reaches the kidney or if the cellulitis causes tissue death or spreads to other organ systems. If our gorl's storytelling is correct, the doctors are worried even though she isn't.

You know where might they might have a 24 hour emergency vet? A major city...... like Lexington...... You know what a caring compassionate pet owner with no responsibilities or accountability do? Drive an hour to said vet at night because what else are you going to fucking do with your time that is more valuable?

Fuck off Amber.

But she did make Becky drive (I think in the rain) late at night to take Rarity back when she heard Rafe was going to get her spayed. Becky will still fight anyone as you can see she has to stand behind AL in wommart in case anyone makes any rude remarks about her gorl in the scooter.

like everyone else though... I can't beleive she thought going to wommart and trying to win dusty back was more important than calling the vet. Even if she only trusts a certain vet the vet I go to can get busy but usually can make an appointment the same day or next day. AL didn't even make an appointment. If it is something bad maybe if it gets caught early they can still help twinkle. But somethings (like AL's weight) if left to go to for too long then nothing can be done. :(

watched more of the vlog, at 9:40 you see twinkie and then she jump cuts (see she can edit guize). So it must be bad and obviously something wrong or she wouldn't have edited her out.
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Not sure how it works in the almighty US of A, but where I live atleast, the vets that are open 24 hours, are not actually open 24 hours. They are open their normal business hours, and then have an emergency vet on call for the hours they are closed. You call the office and they get ahold of the on call vet and they meet you at the office. Therefore, you end up paying an emergency fee which can be quite costly.
As I said, not sure if it works this way elsewhere, but that could be a reason that AL didn't go outside of "normal hours". Gorl's too cheap to pay the extra emergency fee on top of the regular vet bill.
I've had to do this a few times myself, and it can add up to quite a hefty bill, but if you care enough about your pets its really not a big deal.

I live in a city about the size of the one Hamber lives in, we have an after hours vet they open from 7 p.m to 7 a.m I had to frequent there quite a bit because I had a 120 pound American Bulldog who loved to eat socks and at one time a whole 6 pack of sugar free gum (he was fine afterward btw but I have never seen that much vomit in my life), he was a giant dufus and I loved him dearly the 15 years he was with me.

Power leveling and pet sperging aside what really disturbs me is that she sits there on her shelf ass "crying" about how worried she is but not worried enough to haul her lazy ass 45 minutes away to a vet. Guess the only one that is good enough is the one conveniently located 5 minutes from Chili's. Her drug-addled butler could have taken Twinkie but we all know how absolutely selfish Hamber is when it comes to the "care" of her pets. It makes me glad this stupid cow has a raging infection that is making her miserable, that may be psychotic but at this point, I don't care.

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Color me :optimistic: but I really expect a diagnosis of diabetes before too long. Having ongoing bladder infections/UTI/cellulitis should be a huge wake up for her to get checked out for the beetus. Although, I doubt she could fast long enough for the testing.


I feel horrible for the animals trapped with this narcissistic, delusional lard monster and her dumb, rug-munching thumb servant. Also the two male things that used to live with them who are little better as pet owners. WTF is it about these people that they cannot even cope with the basic responsibilities and resent the costs of looking after small, common domestic pets.

As for the lard monster herself, her sufferings are 100% self-inflicted and at this point, well-deserved. Whatever her bloody diagnosis is, it's going to be a result of her horrible weight or horribly exacerbated by it (because everything is exacerbated by weighing 600lb) and we all know she will do absolutely nothing to help herself as doing anything to help herself requires effort and disclipline.

So fuck her. Let's look forward to the news report of her being found covered in her own shit, fused to a mattress and gangrenous from the toes to the calves. Her only value at this point is as some salutory moral tale about the dangers of gluttony, laziness and wilful stupidity.


Maybe if they can engineer bacteria killing viruses or something.... we are all probably screwed though. Take care of your health, kiwis.

Only on page 4 right now, but I just wanted to mention that bacteria-killing viruses do exist, and they're called bacteriophages. Scientists are researching them as a more efficient alternative to antibiotics, as bacteriophages are typically hyper-specialized to one species of bacterium (or "a bacteria," as Amber would say), so they won't hurt "good" bacteria or human cells; this means that if bacteria become resistant to them, then it means that those bacteria are no longer resistant to antibiotics, since the mutations in superbugs can (as far as we know) only adapt to one or the other. So far there has been one case of a man who has been cured of a bacterial chest infection through bacteriophages, meaning that it has huge potential; sadly, this treatment is still very experimental, and Amber will probably be long dead by the time it ever goes mainstream. Sorry, gorl!