will amber hit 600?

  • yes

    Votes: 443 71.5%
  • no

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • she will die before we find out

    Votes: 176 28.4%

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I'm a jerk feline
"But what about MEEEEEEEEE"

Big Al is like a panicking drowning person, latching on and pulling any would be rescuer down with her...

Even her circular reasoning is fat--it's all the haydurs fault, huh? Naw, it's her fault. And the Thumbs fault. Thumbs are at fault for everything..........


Viva la constipacion!
Honestly, a dietician wouldn't tell a nearly 600 lb woman to "eat whatever as long as its under her calorie limit". An actual dietician would tell her to cut all carbs and sugar because shes dangerously at risk for diabetes, also increased blood sugar makes you hungry. You cant take baby steps at 600 lbs.
I've always said that taking medical advice from the Internet is one of the most fucking rétarded things you can do, the only exception being if you're taking it from someone who can solidly verify their credentials. Like if you email a medical professor and he gets back to you for some reason. And even then it's iffy.

It's how you end up with 20-something straight guys with beards and receding hairlines thinking they're transgender because they like the colour pink and didn't play sports in school. Or weeaboo teenagers who somehow have OCD, OCPD, DID, BPD, HPD, and schizophrenia all at once. And of course it's how you end up with a 600lb woman who thinks she can eat pure sugar and lose weight.

You know, I bet even if this was a real person, with real instagram. It was likely not any sort of professional. It was probably just some blog of some one who posts how they diet.

'Well I count my calories and don't drink diet soda. I also write down what I eat'

Hamber though likely had no one and googled basic shit just to try for asspats.

Bitch you weigh 600 pounds as of month ago, you don't need a fucking professional to lose weight, they just help. How about not eating out 5 times a day and guzzling candy every 15 minutes? Moving more then your lips would help too. Start a diet of only eating what you can cook from scratch. Dumb bitch would probably lose weight from the effort of preparing actual food. Since it would require movement.

And Hamber, no making the Thumb do it. Only things you can cook from scratch. Not slathering a half pound of bread with a jar of mayo and then a two pound deli selection of ham. Did you prepare the ham? No. See? She'd lose weight via the effort of how much work goes into preparing food for a landwhale.


Welcome to Silent Hill faggots.
Is block another word for consume? I'll be watching those missing people on the back of tard cum cartons.
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