will amber hit 600?

  • yes

    Votes: 443 71.5%
  • no

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • she will die before we find out

    Votes: 176 28.4%

  • Total voters

If the dietician was real and works with weight loss surgery patients maybe she can tell when someone is serious about losing weight. She said to include more fruits and vegetables so then AL considers the little lettuce on the subway sandwich a vegetable (but not the little tomato slice from burger king- gross)

The dietician said starvation mode is a myth but didn't AL say in a Q&A she would starve to death if she didn't eat anything?


Fashionably late to parties I wasn't invited to.
So, let me get this straight (Assuming she didn't make the whole thing up)

A stranger contacted this trainwreck on their own time. Gave her sound advice (Starvation mode can be debated) and offered to help. Held contact for a bit and probably had to deal with outrageous demands, excuses and whiney bullshit. Finally gives up once she realizes our Glazed Ham isn't wanting to change - gave up and ''blocked" them.

Then Ham threw them under the bus for her unwillingness to change. Banking off it through AdSense which in turn buys Big Ham more diet coke and goopey sushi.


"But what about MEEEEEEEEE"

Big Al is like a panicking drowning person, latching on and pulling any would be rescuer down with her...

Even her circular reasoning is fat--it's all the haydurs fault, huh? Naw, it's her fault. And the Thumbs fault. Thumbs are at fault for everything..........
You can’t do much without thumbs. Thumbs are enablers

Dec 25, 600lbs. It'll be a Christmas miracle.
It’ll be a Christmas miracle if she wasn’t already 600lbs last month.


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
True & Honest Fan
Wants a “professional relationship” but was asking for free services.

Figured she was “legit” from looking at her IG account and some certificate with letters Al couldn’t be bothered to google.

Totally ignored the woman saying “you don’t have to eat minimum calories per day” proceeds to say this is why she claimed she must eat 2500-3000 calories a day.

This all in the first five min. I don’t even know if I can watch anymore.

Why does Al keep pretending? Just yourself to death Gorl, that’s the only goal she will ever reach.
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Gotta go crazy fast
No, she doesn't, but she may want to look 'good' for their fancy dinner at whatever chain Becky chooses for her birthday feast. (I'm betting they go to Red Lobster)
Amber barely notices when she looks bad, if it's not monthly hose down day she'll throw it in a ratty poop bun or those exceptional Wednesday Adams braids and her new dress she wears backwards to show off the "chestpiece", some eyeliner and her ratty yoga pants and our gorl is looking fine and ready to go. She doesn't seem to associate looking good with cleanliness, which is why she wears three day make-up.

Pog Mathoin
I'm inclined to think the dietitian was real and genuinely offered some pro bono help, but rapidly came to the realization that Amber was just a (gigantic) waste of time and energy. All Amber wants to do is talk about losing weight; she doesn't want to actually make an effort to do it. The fact that Amber wanted to put their conversations online must have been an enormous red flag to the dietitian that she was actually being trolled by the Queen of the Lard Goblins.

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